7 Tips for Editing Your Gaming Videos

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As is the case with almost all kinds of videos on YouTube, gaming videos are among the most popular on the platform. Novice gaming video creators are exploring new horizons of creativeness and looking to propel their channel to success.

The fact is, if you are interested in gaming, putting out gaming videos might seem really simple. To create a simple gaming video, all you actually need is a computer and your favorite games.

But if you’re seeking a significant increase in the overall quality of your gaming videos, you have many options available. Here are some techniques you may use for free or at a little expense.

Tips For Improved Video Game Editing

These tips will help your gaming channel is gaining traction and helping you in building a reputable subscriber base. Let’s get started!

1. Make sure that your games run flawlessly

Keep in mind that bad game performance will result in subpar footage. Also, ensure that there are no texture pop-ups or lags that occur in video games while you are recording the screen. As a result, viewers will notice.

Always make sure your PC is functioning properly and can run the game with at least 1080p resolution with 60 FPS. Consistency of the gameplay will be of critical importance in regard to the overall outcomes.

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2. Enhance your Color Saturation & Profile

Moving forward with the video effects area in your editor will allow you to make better color changes to your recorded footage. Additionally, modern video editors also come bundled with contrast and brightness controls as well as a number of color-correction tools.

Improve the saturation a little and then have a look at the preview. Using a mix of 30%/20% and 15%/10% may give you more fine details in your gaming videos.

3. Trim your Gaming Videos to Optimal Length

Gameplays have become unusually long movies that are much too large to be uploaded on the internet, especially if the quality is high. For the most part, you will have to divide the original footage into multiple parts and then modify it to produce a number of distinct gameplay narratives.

Although many software applications can handle the mp4 file format, these files may also be uploaded to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter with little effort. Lengthen your videos into short segments so that your audience may continue to keep interested as you publish new movies.

4. Integrate high-quality transitions & effects

By leveraging a Games video editor, you’ll be able to apply stunning transitions and effects to each video segment even if you have bigger video files with numerous sections. This will have an amazing effect on the quality of your gaming video.

When gaming videos are made with a wide range of settings and have distinctive transition effects that are also customized with sophisticated filters, professionalism is added organically.

While online and offline video editing programs tend to come with unique features, transitions, and sophisticated editing tools that help add an eye-catching look to game recordings, more advanced capabilities are available if you pay for them.

5. Add relevant narrative or audio overlay

It’s a terrible idea to post videos online without sound since it will irritate visitors. When the background music and video material are synchronous, it heightens the viewer’s mood and energy levels.

Greatest notion: Capture your voice commentary with the intention of turning it into a video, but choose top-notch gaming headphones to record your voice. A majority of the software products rely on in-built microphones to pick up sound, although some also take input from other channels.

6. Add relevant thumbnail to the video

Making a catchy video thumbnail is one of the most essential things you can do to increase views on your video. In most picture editing software, this is a fairly simple task.

Capturing a great facial expression when playing a game or showing yourself in a video is an important step to creating an appealing thumbnail. You may also include text to your thumbnails, which should be of a high enough contrast to be easily seen.

Making a thumbnail is a vital step since people may miss out on something essential if they don’t watch your movie. Applying more color to all the thumbnail previews may show that the video is going to be engaging and entertaining.

7. Leverage a Video Editing Software

You’ll need software to assemble all your recorded games and audio. There are numerous video editors that you may use for free or for a cheap cost. To choose a certain choice as far as free gaming video editors are concerned, you can go ahead with InVideo, a cloud-based gaming video editor.

It’s important to transfer all of your recorded video and audio files to the software and create a gameplay masterpiece. When doing this, first view all your videos and then pick and choose which ones you want to retain and which ones you want to get rid of.

Additionally, make sure your audio coordinates with the gameplay and environment where you want it to be. In addition, you may include other effects, such as music or text. Take care not to overuse your visual effects, since this may distract visitors from the game itself and cause them to click away.


Armed with these tips, you can easily edit your gaming videos and start posting them on YouTube to earn some money.

There are possibly hundreds of thousands of dedicated gaming video channels already on the platform so make sure that your content has the X factor. Once you start churning out unique content, you will automatically build an enviable subscriber base who yearn for watching your gaming videos.

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