What This Content Isn’t Available On Facebook Right Now Means

Content Isn't Available On Facebook Right Now

Creating content is very easy on Facebook. The same goes for others where you can view their content. But sometimes, you see errors, especially the one that says “sorry, this content isn’t available right now.”

This particular piece annoys everyone because there is absolutely no information provided for its cause. Different people claim that you see this message when you have blocked the person you are trying to view their content. That isn’t possible because you can’t see content from someone you blocked or someone who has blocked you.

The bad part is that there is no solution to this error because it disappears when you try to reload or refresh the page. You might think there is something wrong with your PC or smartphone which is not true. So, what causes an error like this?

Here are some substantial reasons why you may be getting this error.

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1. Age restriction on specific content

When registering for Facebook, you are required to put your date of birth. There is an age specification which is 13 but still doesn’t stop people from lying about their age. However, there is an age restriction for specific contents.

Some pages set the age limit because of the type of content they post (examples are alcohol and gambling pages). It is also possible that you want only adult audiences and attention on your timeline because of the content you advertise. With this, you can set the age restriction by going to the page settings, click the age restrictions option, and input the age group you want.

This is one reason why you might encounter a content error.

2. It may be that the content has been removed

You can delete any of your content at any time. Apparently, Facebook also has the right to delete illegal content that goes against their terms of service or reported by a user if they violate certain rules. There was a time Facebook was common for keeping contents deleted by users.

If you upload a private content and you delete them, it’s very possible that they might still be available via a direct hotlink. This has been corrected though. Now, when these posts are deleted, you might still see them via a link but you can’t access them anymore.

Getting the “sorry” reply could mean you are trying to access a deleted content.

3. Your account may have been suspended

Often times, Facebook warns users with a temporary ban. This doesn’t mean your contents are all deleted or gone, but your whole content will not appear for public impression. You would see a reply when you try to log in “your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the FAQ page here.”

Hiding content when Facebook suspends your account is only a temporal punishment till the problem is solved and you can get your account back. Your content would not be deleted because Facebook doesn’t intend to drive users away. However, a permanent ban is another case as it can not be reversed with Facebook deleting all your content.

The type of content you post might be the reason for a suspension.

4. Who can see your content?


Many of us log in to the Facebook app, type what we have on our mind, add a/some pictures and click the share button without minding the category of people we share with. Immediately we go to the newsfeed, the page is refreshed and we see our post blooming at the top with likes and comments already coming in but there are cases whereby you share content and it seems no one has seen it, what causes this?

There is an option on who you share your content. You can share to the public, friends (your friends on Facebook), friends except (don’t show to some friends), specific friends (only show to some friends), and only me (the case where no one except you can access your content) If your option is only me, it is possible that Facebook will notify other users “sorry, this content isn’t available right now” anytime they try to access your content.

You can change this by selecting the option you want at the topside of the page before sharing your content.

5. It may be that Facebook is down at the moment

Sometimes when you load Facebook, it just wouldn’t go. This also occurs when you try to load a page, it tells you that content isn’t available. This literally means Facebook is down.

Being down doesn’t mean the whole site isn’t working because you wouldn’t see an error if the site is totally down like you think. At this point, the Down detector is a service on Facebook that reports issues like this on the site. Cases like blackout and newsfeed error can show on Facebook and the only way to find out is to check the Down detector to be sure the problem is from their server.

There is a possibility that the problem is from your network provider. Always make sure you are connected to the internet to load Facebook pages. Another thing is the country restriction. If the content isn’t available in your country or your content breaks laws in your country, this error will likely occur.

So, if you see “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” due to any of these reasons, ignore the error, or try again later. You could also read Facebook terms of service to be sure why you’re seeing the error you’re seeing.

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