The Division 2 Skill Power Explained – How to Raise It

How to Increase Skill Power in the Division 2

The Division 2 is one of those games that require a lot of thinking and contributing to specific gear upgrades to become better. It is a loot shooter after all, and that is the entire point of the game.

Finding loot, upgrading your arsenal of weapons and gear, and making yourself the most heavily fortified gamer on the server is the key to victory in this post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter game. 

Once you get deeper into the game though, level 11 or afterward; you can start to equip mods on your gear such as armor and weapons, and even your skills! This is the definitive guide to let you know what the Skill Power in The Division 2 is, and how do you actually get on to increase it.

However, before diving too deep into the guide; let us tell you what Skill Power actually is!

What is Skill Power in The Division 2?

Skill Power in The Division 2 stands for a set number that drastically determines the mods that you can equip onto your skills. To be fair, the Skill Power itself actually doesn’t have any impact on how much damage or healing or any stats your skills consist of.

It affects the overall mods that you can equip with your skills. These mods can definitively change up the stats of your skills though, such as a Drone mod might end up increasing the speed of your drone, or its overall damage for example.

What is Skill Power in The Division 2?

You’ll start to receive skill mods once you reach the required level of Level 11 in The Division 2, however, it’ll still be almost impossible for you to really use them. This is because skill mods require a certain amount of Skill Power to be impactful and effective.

If a skill mod requires 100 Skill Power, then you’ll need at least 100 Skill Power to use it. You can still equip it onto the actual skill, but it doesn’t do anything and it just stays there looking nice.

So, now that you know what Skill Power is and what its purpose is; let us explain how to increase it!

How to Increase Skill Power in the Division 2

There are a total of three ways in which you can currently increase your Skill Power in The Division 2. 

1. Swapping Individual Gear Pieces

The best way to increase your Skill Power in The Division 2 is by swapping gear with a higher skill power in the game. There are a bunch of individual gear pieces in the game which provide bonus Skill Power, which is identified by a yellow battery symbol in the stats and bonuses section.

Skill Power is displayed accurately by a set number, for example, an armored vest you picked up can come with a +400.0 Skill Power.

2. Gear Sets

There’s a few specific Gear Sets in The Division 2 which can help in increasing your Skill Power by a strict percentage instead of points like with gear pieces. They can increase your overall Skill Power or the Skill Power for any specific skill.

The Wyvern Wear set for example provides a +15% bonus to the drone Skill Power. The Providence Defense set on the other hand contains a +10% stat bonus for your overall Skill Power.

3. Gear Mods

The last and also one of the most complicated methods to increase Skill Power is to use Gear Mods. These also function like the Gear Sets, increasing either a specific Skill Power or just your overall Skill Power.

These increase in points just like individual pieces of gear though, instead of in a percentage.

Now you know what Skill Power in The Division 2 is and what it does, along with the three key ways in how to increase it. For more The Division 2 content, make sure to read our other guides on the fantastic multiplayer loot shooter game!

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