11 Best Screen Mirroring Apps Like TeamViewer

best screen mirroring apps like teamviewer

TeamViewer is the foremost remote access software, even screen mirroring app on the planet -which is why you already know it.

But, however, want to discover other Teamviewer alternatives that get the job done. Perhaps, because you’ve encountered some challenges that critics have had and this could be: low-quality screen interface, expensive subscription, poor connection, or exposure of your personal or corporate data.

Although it is the leader, it isn’t the only one available in the software market. In this post, you’re going to discover 10 of the most valuable TeamViewer alternatives we discovered.

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1. AnyDesk

anydesk best screen mirroring apps

AnyDesk is one of the best remote desktop software like TeamViewer.  One interesting thing about AnyDesk is that it capitalizes majorly on TeamViewer’s weakness. AnyDesk is known for its ability to record sessions, and also transfer sessions.

AnyDesk Strengths 

  • Rapid connection
  • Cost-free conversion
  • Cross-platform sessions
  • High screen interface quality.


  • AnyDesk software disconnects from remote desktop unexpectedly.

2. Splashtop

splashtop remote desktop apps

Splashtop is also a fantastic TeamViewer alternative available. Its exceptional features make it a perfect usage for both personal, corporate, and also IT and support teams. Unlike TeamViewer, all Splashtop sessions are protected by user verification and a password.

Splashtop renders a free trial and their subscription is at a reasonable price. The software allows you to connect to an unlimited number of agents that ease your work remotely. Additionally, Splashtop is known for its excellent customer support services and reliability.

Splashtop Strengths 

  • Makes remote work easy and less expensive.
  • Operating a Splashtop is easy.
  • Connections are sturdily protected.


  •  It is not freemium software.
  • Splashtop falls behind sometimes.

3. ApowerMirror

apowermirror best screen mirroring apps

ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring software that comes highly rated among its users and very recommended for its ability to mirror iPhone/Android devices to PC in real-time.

ApowerMirror is also free and claims to enable you to screen mirrors with ease using the latest technology. If you need to do this in high quality, this is the option for you. In addition, ApowerMirror offers additional useful features like screen recording which may come in handy and is super easy to use.

ApowerMirror Strengths:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Renders mirrored screen in high resolution.
  • Enjoy little to no delay when using this software.
  • Has other useful features.


  • Installs 3rd party software.
  • Drains device battery faster when in use.

4. SupRemo


SupRemo is another software like TeamViewer. It is known for its peculiar services of permitting unlimited installation on an infinite number of computers and its portability when compared to other remote desktop software like TeamViewer and others.

SupRemo offers both the free and the paid versions. In configuring the software, firewalls are not compulsory as against other alternative software. SupRemo’s outstanding ability to carry out a new task without interrupting your project is what gives it an edge over its competitors.

SupRemo Strengths 

  • License flexibility
  • Allows multiple simultaneous sessions


  • Its subscription fee is relatively high

5. VNC Connect

vnc connect

VNC Connect is a sturdy TeamViewer alternative as it has a vivid advantage over it. Operating VNC Connect doesn’t require a difficult firewall configuration. It is known to have one of the strongest securities that protect their consumers’ information.

VNC  Connect Strengths 

  • It has a free version
  • Configuration is easy


  • Its subscription is considerably high
  • It doesn’t provide web conferencing services.

6. RemotePC


RemotePC is one of the good TeamViewer alternatives available. It is a remote desktop access software that permits the control and connection of PCs.

It offers features that enable you to manage your files, print documents, and transfer your data. RemotePC can easily be accessed through the web, unlike TeamViewer as such it allows chatting between devices. RemotePC is exceptional for its ability to record sessions.

RemotePC Strengths

  • RemotePC has lots of features other alternative software doesn’t offer.
  • Connections are strongly protected.
  • It reports on web activity.


  • Versions are all paid for.
  • The subscription is relatively on the high side.
  • RemotePC the cheap plan doesn’t have a free trial.
  • Its screen can’t view more than a window at a go.
  • Remote PC UI is not pleasant.

7.  Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote

Chrome Remote Desktop is software like TeamViewer that will permit you to remotely access your computer. It has high ratings and lots of positive reviews. It has also established itself as a dependable and secure platform.

It is fully cross-platform and gives you access to Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, from the chrome browser on almost any device. You can use chrome remote desktop as full remote access or as a remote help tool to manage your devices from your home.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t require a complex firewall configuration in accessing your desktop from your PC.

Chrome Remote Desktop Strengths 

  • Accessibility
  • Consistent vendor
  • Protected sessions
  • Support many operating systems


  • Deficiency of some valuable features.
  • It only works for Chrome browsers.
  • It doesn’t allow the copying of files from one desktop to another.

8. Join.Me


Join.Me is another good TeamViewer alternative that also provides remote desktop control services. It is exceptional because it allows its users to broaden their experience by maintaining a personal URL. Join.Me enables you to enjoy audio and video conferencing with the use of whiteboarding in interacting and discussing among connected PCs.

Join.Me Strengths 

  • Session starts quickly and easily
  • It’s reliable
  • Unlike Chrome, it is compatible with any browser.


  • Users complain of the clarity of the audio
  • Their subscription is relatively high

9. LogMeIn 

teamviewer alternatives

LogMeIn offers you access to your office devices at any time.  It allows you to work on the go by permitting you an instant connection to your remote PC from your desktop, smartphone, tablet browsers.

It also allows the sharing and storing of files around your computers and offers you a one-click entry to the websites you wish to visit. LogMeIn is known for its ability to connect multiple monitor displays to your computer remotely, and it also has strong security.


  • Great speed
  • Quality security
  • Free trial
  • Reliable


  • It doesn’t have a free version
  • The Internet connection can be slow a times
  • Subscription is relatively high

10. Cisco WebEx Support

best screen mirroring apps for pc

Cisco WebEx support allows its users to see each other with the help of videos. With this software, users can host and join meetings remotely. Additionally, online webinars can be organized on it, and files and documents can be shared.


  • Views are displayed in full screen
  • Shares all type of content


  • Installation is slow

11. ConnectWise Control

connectwise alternatives to teamviewer

ConnectWise Control was originally software for delivering remote customer support, it is however now useful for private users who desire to access another desktop remotely. ConnectWise Control, unlike TeamViewer, provides a third-party combination, making it crucial for small and middle scale businesses.


  • Sturdy security protection
  • Free trial
  • Amalgamation with external apps.


  • It does have a free version
  • It is appropriate for business as it can access a large variety of agents.

With all that said, these are the best TeamViewer alternatives on the market right now, most of these can dub as screen mirroring apps and a remote desktop viewer, whatever you need to satisfy your need.

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