Goojara Alternatives: Watch Latest TV Shows FREE (No Sign Up)

sites to stream new tv shows online free without signing up

Sometimes we all want to sit back and type a URL in our web browser that lets us watch the latest tv shows and series for free without signing up. If that sounds like you and what you need at times, you’re not alone, we do feel this way sometimes, this is why we’re putting together this list.

While some of these shows are free and available to watch on most cables, to access some shows, you’ll need an account, a paid account with access to premium shows from streaming services like Netflix, All4, or an HBO account, Amazon prime or something related.

You should know though that while these sites let you stream the latest tv shows and their episodes for free without signing up, we do not recommend all the services out there as most of them aren’t legal and full of spammy ads that could be harmful to your device, however, we’ve done our best to select the best of the best with fewer risks that let you enjoy watching the latest episodes of your favorite tv shows without signing up.

What are the best sites to watch tv shows online without signing up?

In no particular order, here’s a list of websites with fewer ads intrusion and different formats to stream tv series online for free.

Let’s get started.

1. is our number one pick these days when it comes to checking out movies and TV shows not viewable on Goojara for many reasons.

The site’s design is clean and it offers entertainment with these shows and movies in the highest quality formats with minimal ads, it is one of the best out there and it is regularly updated.

That’s not all, you also have the option to sign up so as to unlock several features like remembering the last streaming point and access to live cable TV and sports TV servers for free, the discovery of this site is a jackpot, and should be added to your list.

==>> Check out the site.


sites to stream new tv shows online free without signing up is one of the oldest websites online delivering regular updates on the latest episodes from almost all the TV shows from the most popular streaming companies if not all.

o2tvseries is recommended if you’re planning to stream your favorite tv shows on mobile without hassles. The site provides three main formats of each episode (.3gp, .mp4 low quality, and .mp4 high quality) This will help you watch the latest shows online for free without hassles based on your network connection and available internet data connection.

One of the best things about this site is you can also download the TV shows to your devices to watch for later and still choose the format you wish as well. TV shows on this site are updated daily and we’re sure you’ll see the episodes you’re looking for as soon as they are released.

==>> Check out the site.


Goojara delivers happiness by making the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows online for free in HD versions and new release movies as well.

In fact, Goojara is one of the best sites to stream new tv series online without signing up as at the time of writing this post, the site is great if you want to watch old tv series as well as new ones.

It’s the perfect combination of what an open streaming site should look like, although it could be better in terms of showing fewer ads with its huge library of movies and TV shows, we can’t complain. You’ll love Goojara’s tv show collection.

==>> Check out the site. is currently down right now and you must be looking for sites like Goojara, We’re not sure what’s up with the main domain but you can still access the Goojara alternatives at till the main domain is reinstated.


sites to stream new tv shows onlienfree is also one of the oldest sites out there, up there with o2tvseries above with a sister site dedicated to serving just movies.

With this site you can stream the latest tv show episodes without having to:

  1. Pay a single dime in subscription fees.
  2. Sign up or log in.
  3. Go through a rigorous process before you start watching.

Simply plug in the URL to your browser or click the link below, select from one of the latest episodes uploaded and start working or just search if you have something specific you’re looking for.

==>> Check out the site.

5. TVShows4Mobile

TVshows4Mobile is the exact clone of o2TvSeries up there and offers just about the wide range of TV series offered by this site.

Why the exact clone you ask? It makes sense, while o2TVseries may be serving a lot of people at the same time, it could make your streaming experience slow and most likely would not enjoy it, why not hop onto this lesser-known clone where you have access to the exact listing as the first site.

Makes sense? While we think that one of these sites is the main one, you can shuffle back and forth till you’re satisfied with your streaming experience.

==>> Check out the site.

6. (Bonus)

sites to stream new tv shows online free without signing up

You can’t stream the latest movies on this site but you can download them.

The best part about this site is that all the episodes are the 480p / 720p quality making it crystal clear delivering a rich experience, however, no streaming here, just downloads, unlimited downloads when you need them.

This site offers the premise of not signing up, or having to pay to watch the latest stuff. Simply visit the site, all the links and episodes are there. You can use the search bar to locate what you’re looking for.

We recommend this option for this looking to watch their favorite tv shows in clearer definitions and are comfortable with downloading on their devices for later.

==>> Check out this site.

A word of caution

These streaming sites should be used as a means to an end, they’re not completely safe especially if you don’t have a strong anti-virus or defender on your device. Most of them have ads on them that you won’t have to click and they may inject viruses into your device. Be careful.

We recommend you go with streaming websites from legal sources like Netflix, Amazon prime, an HBO subscription, Disney+. These services ensure you watch the latest with maximum security guaranteed.

If you understand all these and still want to go ahead, we recommend you use o2tvseries if you’re streaming from mobile and Goojara if you’re going to be watching from a PC.

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