Is The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Waterproof?

S20 Fan Edition
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) is the latest device from Samsung featuring great features and design for less. The Samsung Galaxy 20 FE is a part of the Galaxy S20 Series. Other products in this range include the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung S22 Ultra.

That being said, Everyone knows that moisture can cause real damage to mobile phones. For this reason, people prefer waterproof models that can work, especially after exposure to different liquids. Nowadays, tons of smartphones can withstand spills or accidental slips into containers of water.

This trend has pushed consumers to check if many top devices can handle such scenarios.

One of such devices is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Although it has a dependable battery, rugged build, and camera setup, people want to know if it can cope with spills or a slip into the sink.

Do you want to know if the Samsung Galaxy 20 FE is waterproof? If yes, this post will offer all the answers that you will need.

Want to find out if the Samsung Galaxy 20 FE is Water Resistant?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the most affordable phone of the Galaxy S20 Series. Still, it packs a load of impressive features.

But is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE waterproof? Before answering this question, let’s have a quick rundown of the Samsung Galaxy FE specs.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Quick Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was announced in September 2020 and came at an affordable price. Furthermore, it consists of two variants- a 4G model and a 5G model, which differ by their GPUs.

The smartphone has a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display that supports a 1080 × 2400 resolution. On the Samsung Galaxy FE, you can also find a glass front ( Gorilla Glass 3) and an aluminum body. Moreover, a plastic back protects the rear end of the smartphone.

galaxy s20 fe
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For software, the Samsung Galaxy FE runs Andriod 10 on Samsung’s One UI 2.5. You will experience the dark theme, sound amplifier, privacy controls, smart reply, and security updates because of this spec. As updates roll out, you can upgrade the system to Andriod 11 and even  Andriod 12.

Also, the smartphone promises 128GB memory that you can max to 1TB via the memory card slot.

More Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Specs

Other specs include 6GB RAM, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G support ( the 5G model), NFC, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. You can also enjoy extra hours of videos and games with its 4500 mAh battery. If it runs down, you can top up the battery via wireless or wired charging.

The Samsung Galaxy FE also boasts of a triple camera assembly. With this setup, you will have a 12MP wide camera, 8MP telephoto lens, and 12MP ultrawide camera. The main camera comes with an LED flash, Panorama, and Auto HDR. You can even use it for 4k and 1080p recording.

At the front of the smartphone, you will find a 32MP selfie camera. Like the rear camera, this part of the phone offers HDR and 4K recording.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE  Waterproof?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy FE is a waterproof smartphone. After all, the phone does have an IP68 rating. Thanks to this rating, the smartphone can stay in 1.5 meters of fresh water for a maximum period of 30 minutes. So if you drop it in a filled bowl or spill water on it, it should still perform perfectly.

But remember to wipe wet phones with a clean, soft cloth and air dry it completely. You should also avoid dropping the water in salt or pool water. Moreover, use a case/screen guard with the phone as any physical chips or cracks can reduce its water resistance feature.

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