OnePlus 8 vs Motorola Edge+: Which Should You Buy In 2020

OnePlus 8 vs motorola edge+

Are you intrigued by the fascinating specs of both the OnePlus 8 and the Motorola Edge Plus Android smartphones? Can’t decide on which one to buy? These two Android devices are currently two of the best phones in the market.

Both smartphones are designed to provide users with optimum performance, near-perfect screen resolution, and display, high battery life among other features. But there are some differences between the two phones and this might get you thinking: OnePlus 8 or Motorola Edge Plus, both are flagship devices in 2020, Which should I buy?

In this article, we’ll be comparing both phones in six categories and give our verdict on which smartphone you should buy in 2020.

OnePlus 8 vs Motorola Edge+ Table Comparison

Overview OnePlus 8 Motorola Edge Plus
Launch Date April 14, 2020 April 30, 2020
Size 165.3 x 74.4 x 8.8mm (6.51 x 2.93 x 0.35 inches) 161.1 x 71.4 x 9.6mm (6.34 x 2.81 x 0.38 inches)
Screen Size 6.78-inch Fluid AMOLED 6.7-inch OLED
Operating System Android 10; OxygenOS 10 Android 10
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
Screen Resolution 3,168 x 1,440 pixels (513 pixels per inch) 1080 x 2340 pixels (385 pixels per inch)
RAM 8GB, 12GB 12 GB
Internal Storage 128GB, 256GB 256GB
MicroSD Card Slot Not available Yes
Camera 48-megapixel, 8MP telephoto, 48MP ultra-wide, and 5MP Color Filter rear, 16MP front 108MP, 8MP telephoto, and 16MP ultrawide, time-of-flight 3D rear, 25MP front
Video 4K at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps, 720p at 960fps, Auto HDR 6K at 30fps, 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps
Bluetooth Version 5.1 5.1
Fingerprint Sensor Yes, in-display Yes, in-display
USB Ports USB 3.1, USB C USB 3.1, USB C
Battery Capacity 4,510mAhFast charging (30W)

Qi wireless charging (30W)

5,000mAhFast charging (18W)

Fast wireless charging (15W)

Colours Glacial Green, Ultramarine Blue, Onyx Black Smokey Sangria, Thunder Grey
Weight 199 grams (7.02 ounces) 203 grams (7.16 ounces)
Price $900-$1,000 $1,000

Head to Head Comparison of OnePlus 8 Vs Motorola Edge Plus

We’ll be comparing these two android smartphones on RAM and internal storage capacity, screen resolution, battery life and charging capacity, front and rear camera, performance and price.

Round 1 – RAM and Internal Storage

The OnePlus 8 has 8GB RAM space whereas the Motorola Edge Plus has 12GB RAM. This simply means that the Motorola Edge Plus will perform tasks faster because of the bigger RAM size. But with an additional cost of $100 you can afford the OnePlus 8 that has 12GB of RAM.

On a similar note, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a standard internal storage size of 12GB compared to the Motorola Edge Plus which has 256GB of internal memory. Again with an extra $100, you’ll get the OnePlus 8 variant of 12GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

Winner: Tie

Round 2 – Screen Resolution

oneplus 8 display
Image: Gadgets Unlock

With  3,120 x 1,440 pixel, the OnePlus 8 has better screen resolution compared to the Motorola Edge Plus pixel size of 2,340 x 1,080. This means that users of the OnePlus 8 enjoy as much as 128 more pixels per inch which result clearer and sharper display screen. If you decide to buy the OnePlus 8, you’ll have a greater user experience while reading ebooks, browsing the internet, playing android games, watching movies, etc.

Winner: OnePlus 8

Round 3 – Battery Life and Charging Capacity

Given the numerous and complex usage of mobile phones, having a smartphone with high battery life is a necessity, especially in parts of the world with poor electricity.

The OnePlus 8 has a battery capacity of 4,510mAh, while the Motorola Edge Plus comes with a battery capacity of 5,000mAh. If you’re living in countries where the electricity supply is unreliable, your best bet is to choose the Motorola Edge Plus. For light users of the Edge Plus smartphone, their phones could last up to two days without recharging it.

Winner: Motorola Edge Plus is the obvious winner.

Round 4 – Front and Rear Camera

Motorola Edge+ Back Camera design
Image: Forbes

Using the Sony IMX689 sensor which has both OIS and EIS, OnePlus 8 offers a 48-megapixel rear camera. It has a second 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera. You’ll also get a third 8-megapixel zoom camera that has 3X optical zoom feature. There’s also a fourth 5-megapixel colour filter camera at the rear. Lastly, the OnePlus 8 boasts of a 16-megapixel front camera with Sony IMX471 sensor.

The Motorola Edge Plus features a three-camera setup. The main rear camera is 108MP with a 1/1.33-inch sensor which has the OIS assistance. The second camera is 16MP ultra-wide camera, while the third rear camera is an 8Mp telephoto camera. The front camera has a 25MP sensor.

Winner: The Motorola Edge Plus wins this round.

Round 5 – Performance

The OnePlus 8 and the Motorola Edge Plus both come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This means that both android smartphones have identical performance. The slight difference between both phones lies in the RAM size. Motorola Edge Plus has 12GB RAM capacity which results in more bandwidth for different android applications. But you can get the OnePlus 8 with 12GB RAM for an additional $100.

Winner: It’s a tie between the OnePlus 8 and the Motorola Edge Plus.

Round 6 – Price

The OnePlus 8 version with RAM and internal storage of 8GB and 128GB respectively costs $900 while the version which has 12GB/256GB is priced at $1,000. Motorola Edge Plus costs $1,000. Comparing the costs of the OnePlus 8 version which has 8GB/256GB with the Motorola Edge Plus is the same.

Winner: The costs of both smartphones are the same when comparing the higher version of the OnePlus 8 to the Motorola Edge Plus.

Overall Verdict

From the above comparison between the OnePlus 8 and the Motorola, our verdict is that the OnePlus 8 version with RAM of 8GB and memory of 256GB is a winner. At the same cost as the Motorola Edge Plus, you’ll enjoy the best features of both phones. If you’re yet to decide on your choice smartphone, you can go through the other features we’ve listed in the table above to make an informed decision.

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