13 Best News Apps For iOS And Android Phones

news apps for android iOS

Listening to the news keeps you updated on what’s going on around you.

If you’re the type that’s into utilizing the power of apps on your device, it makes sense that you’re looking for the best news apps to download on your device and we 100% support this move.

News apps are one of the fastest ways to get important updates, happenings, events sent straight to your device, heck some of the news apps we have on this list will even read the news to you whenever you want. Cool right? Let’s not waste time and get to it.

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Best New Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

This list of the best news apps for your Android and IOS based phones are not only the best in the market, but most of them are also free with options to get more with services like Apple news+.

1. Google News App

google news app

Google’s products are one of the most used products on earth, services like Gmail and YouTube are used every single day by millions of people. Google News platform is just another example.

Unlike other news apps on this list, The Google news is an aggregator of the top news sources around you and globally, with this platform and the app, you can follow international as well as local publications that you trust.

In a way, this proves to be effective because at once, in one single app you get access to tons of news publications all over the world, so if you’re a fan of multiple news sources like Insider, Washington Post, Pulse, Financial times, you can follow all these news sources on the Google News app, it also has a web platform as well.

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2. The New York Times

This app contains everything you can hope for from a news app, being one of the world’s most popular news app. Unlike other apps, it has the offline reading feature, social media sharing, and the breaking news alerts; it also has the video and audio option. An outstanding realty about this app is you being able to meet face-to-face with world-class Olympic athletes, but this access doesn’t come for free. There is a stipulated amount to get full access ranging from $15-$25 a month or $130 a year.

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3. Curio: Hear great journalism

Remember up there when we said some news app will read the content to you, yep, that’s Curio but this is not only what makes Curio special.

Curio reads you headlines from prominent publications like FT, Economist, The Guardian and a host of others, if you’re particularly interested in tech news then Curio was made especially for you, nonetheless its a great news app for everyone who wants to stay updated.

Curio handpicks stories and is regularly updated with the latest, if you’re obsessed with information, you could listen to Curio on the go and stay updated with what’s going on around you.

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4. Al Jazeera English

aljazeera news app for android

When it comes to regions like the Middle East, Al Jazeera was the first 24/7 news channel and the most popular communications to be established there.

Even at that, it has developed into reporting news around the world. The news app enables you to voice your opinion anywhere you are around the world, it also gives you access to 24-hour live video coverage and clips of the biggest story.

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5. theScore

If you are a sports lover – either it is the NBA, NFL, F1, WWE, Wimbledon, EPL or La Liga – this is the best news app for you. There is detailed information it offers that you won’t find on similar apps.

Matches and rounds are updated in the split second they start, score or gain points, and there are fantastic features about your teams and players with a good-blended interface. Once you think about a news app that deals with sports, then you are in the right choice. There is also an Apple Watch app for iOS users.

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6. BBC News

There’s no way you haven’t heard of BBC News at one point in time. But if you haven’t, then we should tell you that it is a universal and worldwide new organization that is all about informing you of the latest trending news stories.

The app also has a live-streaming news channel that renders their articles a bit more fun. When you opt-in, you don’t need to put all your attention on it since you will be alerted anytime there are breaking news; helping you to stay updated.

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7. Apple News

apple news app

This is another news aggregator platform like Google news, only this time from apple and its great.

If you want to see the latest from your favorite news source in one place, this is the app to download especially if you use an iPhone or an iOS-powered device like the iPad, mac, the apple news app is particularly optimized for these devices.

You can also subscribe to apple news+ to get more out of an already great service like the ability to share your subscription with family, friends, access to hundreds of magazines of different publications and more. If you’re not up for paying, the basic Apple news app service will still serve you most of the content you need.

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8. InkI

Instead of waiting for a news alert, you can filter newsrooms the correlate with your taste and interest to bring you the latest article to read. It is ad-free, easy to use and has a modern layout. To provide more stream of trustworthy news, Inkl is poised on eradicating click-bait news.

It offers a seven-day free trial and you just have to pay a lower amount for a monthly subscription to gain access to a wide range of publications. If you are into a variety of niche, there are a lot of different news services you can check-up.

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9. CNN News

cnn news app for android IOS

CNN News focuses on a wide variety of articles and though, its major focus is on the U.S audience. Nevertheless, it was the first 24/7 cable news channel in the world and has its official app accessible on the website. If you are a lover of video news, CNN News plays a larger part in ensuring a larger coverage on that.

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10. Financial times

Looking for the latest news on the biggest events? Then check out this app considered as one of the old publications of all time.

There is news about the world’s stock market crashing and you don’t want to be left behind especially if you always keep an eye on the business and financial markets, or you always follow the latest development and statistics in the business sphere. It also has a breaking news notification with interesting topics.

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11. Papr

Instead of buying loads of newspapers and magazines, why don’t you download Papr with a handy full of the latest news? You can get news from different sources by switching publications at the top of the app. It has the GQ, The New York Times and Lonely Planet if you love to swap sources.

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12. BuzzFeed News

buzzfeed news app

The fact that you can customize the types of articles you want in matching your taste, ranging from fun contents to quality journalism, makes the app a satisfactory one to use. There is a difference between Buzzfeed that features a section of quiz and the BuzzFeed News that has hashtags on stories, in which you can browse the menu or browse the news for a better search to see what is trending. But if you are the type who doesn’t like to beat around the bush, there is a specific news app on the BuzzFeed News.

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13. Bloomberg

This mobile news app comes with a lot of preference to other apps. Just like the website, it features the Bloomberg Businessweek contents on the home feed with new features and expanded sections.

If you subscribe to the Bloomberg channel, you will have unlimited access to Bloomberg.com with just your username and password. It also has a refined audio experience and you can also download each content for easy offline reading. It has customizable and comprehensive access to world finance and business news.

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