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Best music notation apps
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Composing is one of the most important and highly sought-after musical skills out there, and mastering the art is one that can’t go out of context.

You have probably entertained a thought about composing a song once but had to ditch the idea because you thought of just how wrong it could go.

Not to say that the process is as easy as arranging the alphabetical letters in order, but once you have the right tools around and beside you, composing can be less-hectic and in fact, very fun-filled and this is why you need to adopt the use of the best music notation apps you can lay your hands on.

What Are The Best Music Composer Apps In 2021?

To kick-start or continue your journey of composing music, here is a compiled list of the best music notation apps you can turn to.

1. Ensemble Composer

Ensemble Composer
Ensemble Composer
Developer: Lotuz Studio.
Price: Free
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot
  • Ensemble Composer Screenshot

Available: Mobile.

This is a free mobile app built for Android devices that lets you put your raw music-composing abilities into full use. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry about using it as it comes with a feature that allows you to edit your work and make changes.

 The effectiveness of the app is also evident in the way you get scored very quickly for your progress, while also allowing you access to as many as 15 MIDI instruments for your use. With these instruments, saving your scores for future use or editing is very easy.

2. Score Cloud

scorecloud best music notation apps

Available on: iPhone, Mac and PC.

With this notation software, unleashing your innovative skills won’t be a problem. Here is a platform where you can not just write and compose songs, you can also share your craft with anyone online by using the email or social media site share buttons. It is completely free and available for both PC and Mac users who still want to apply finishing touches to their composing abilities.

3. Musical Note Pad

Musical Note Pad Free
Musical Note Pad Free
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Available on: Mobile.

This is another mobile app developed for Android users. The Musical Note Pad offers you quick and easy-to-use tools to become very creative. With this app, you’re sure to have a less-complicated experience and is an ideal option for beginners.

After penning your work, you can proceed to listen to what you wrote immediately and your song will be played to your hearing in any instrument of your choice. You are allowed to select from a list of 128 MIDI instruments you will find on the app.

4. MuseScore

free best notation music apps

Available on: PC.

This software for PCs does a great job in not only making you become as expressive as you can but also allows you to master the basic principles of composing from the scratch. It is easy to navigate due to its simple interface and smooth appearance. Once you launch this software, you will find the usable tools on the left side as well as an inspector that gives you a result of your input.

5. 8-M-Audio Keystation Sixty One MK3

Available on: Mac, PC.

This is a lightweight tool you will definitely love to have at your disposal. Although it does not come with any intrinsic sound or weighted keyboard, it still allows you to take full control of the music notation software system.

With this software, you also have the ability to keep track of your progress because it is also rate-sensitive. Another important thing to note about this one is that it has a standard sound system available to acoustic piano lovers.

6. Music Studio

Developer: BPR
Price: Free
  • MusicLab Screenshot
  • MusicLab Screenshot
  • MusicLab Screenshot

Available on: Mobile.

Music Studio is a great app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a paid app but costs as little as $14.99. With Music Studio you will enjoy a great sound quality that can compete with the quality you get from desktop software tools. With a couple of awards to its name, it is one of the best options you can choose from.

On this app, there are pre-installed 183 studio-recorded sound options available at your disposal and you have free access to 123 of the lot. You can also use two different instruments at the same time while also being able to edit bars, individual notes, and even tracks. With $6.99, you can make 60 more instrument additions.

7. Noteflight Learn

Available on: PC.

While most other software tools and applications are built for learners, this one is designed for educators. Although you won’t be able to transfer the software system, you can still successfully log into your account from anywhere using any laptop.

Noteflight Learn allows you to make customizations with its toolbar and also edit your arrangements. Files in MIDI and MusicXML formats can be imported to this software from any other notation software system.

8. Lilypond

best music notation app

Available on: PC and Mac.

Created and released for use in 1996, Lilypond was initially designed to work for Windows but is now compatible with Mac after getting an upgrade.

This software is perfect if you have the intention of engraving your music after writing and listening to it, while you also get rated with scores that will be shown to you in rules that have traditional layouts.

It allows you to save your work in different standard formats including SVG, PDF, EPS, MusicXML, EPS, and PS. While it is basically a music software tool, it does the job of a typewriter and is available in different languages including Dutch, German, Catalan, French, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, and English.

9. Steinberg Dorico

Available on: PC and Mac.

This is a software that helps you become better at writing music notation. It has advanced sounds, tools, options, and notations to help professionals become even better at the skill. It is available on both Mac and PC and is rich in technological advancement.

With this software tool, you can oversee the production of brilliant files in both MP3 and PDF formats. You are also able to compose excellent notes with its original features. Also, it comes with over a thousand sounds that have already undergone production and has VST effects (over 30).

10. Reaper

reaper music notation app

If you need a software that can allow you to make more than one plug-ins (including third-party plug-ins) and access to cool virtual instruments, Reaper is there at your beck and call. With this software, you have access to different virtual instruments including the likes of JS, VST3AU, DX, and VST.

It is mostly preferred by professional musicians and there is absolutely no surprise in that because it is widely used not just in home studios, but is also a great option for sound design. Recorders and broadcasters so use this software for their projects and have often spoken highly of its various available tools. Using the MIDI tool on this software will help you display your notation texts boldly in the piano roll.

Final Words

While there are a lot of software tools and programs out there you can make use of, these ones are the best you can find easy and effective. You also get to have a smooth sail in your learning process as it boosts the eagerness to become more knowledgeable, hence, more productive.

Before choosing to use any of these options, first check if it is compatible with your device while some are compatible with both iOS and Android/Mac and PC, Others work with just one of both.

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