Top 12 Mortal Kombat 11 Wallpapers In FHD and 4K

mortal kombat 11 wallpapers

Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular, oldest games today. It has evolved since it was launched over a decade ago and it’s pretty much one of the most played games all over the world right now. The latest version, Mortal Kombat 11 was launched in April last year with the incredible redesign of most characters, new additions and they look stunning.

It is one of my favourite games to play today with characters both new and old, the game has added quite a lot of scenes, costumes and stunning visuals that you can extract and use as great wallpapers but thanks to the team at CW, you don’t have to do all that, we’ve gone through all the stress for you.

Love to play Mortal Kombat? Here are some great Mortal Kombat wallpapers to use on your computer, mobile phone, even your PS device.

1. Jade Holding her Bo staff

jade mk 11 wallpaper

Jade is one of the fan-favourite returning characters returning to Mortal Kombat 11 after making her debut in Mortal Kombat II, Close friends with Princess Kitana, serving alongside her and Milena, Kitana’s half-sister, she has many incredible powers that makes her a formidable character.

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2. Grandmaster Subzero

subzero wallpaper 4k

Sub-zero is one of the core characters of the Mortal kombat game belonging to the Lin Kuei tribe. A group of people with special abilities to use, conjure and control ice. Is grandmaster subzero your main? This wallpaper would fit right on your PC.

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3. Queen Sindel on her way to a fight

sindel hd wallpaper

The former queen of Edenia, now wife of Shao Kahn, killed by Quan chi. Sindel is known for her hair tricks and screaming abilities, while she didn’t come with the original mortal Kombat roster, she’s available for purchase as part of Kombat pack one alongside old characters like Nightwolf and new additions like Spawn.

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4. Baraka, Head of the Tarkatans

baraka mortal kombat wallpaper

The tarkatans are rather scary creatures whose main diet consists of raw flesh or meat. Baraka is one of the oldest characters in the game as well and played a key role in defeating this instalments war against the new enemy, the titan, Kronika.

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5. An Extract from Johnny Cage’s fatality

johnny cage wallpaper

Johnny is one of the top tier characters in this game with insane moves and abilities. His fatality is also insanely cool. If you play the game, you’ll agree with us. He rips his opponent into half and uses them as a puppet, Here’s what the end looks like with Princess Kitana as the victim.

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6. Kabal, the speedster

kabal hd wallpaper
Mortal Kombat 11_20200415221636

Kabal is a member of the black dragon, a group of earthrealmers turned outworld assassins and bounty hunters. Kabal is known for his insanely fast speed. Just like the flash at some point, Kabal can even create time portals and run across time.

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7. Noob Saibot, the batman who laughs

noob saibot wallpaper 4k

The first subzero, the story behind this character is actually very interesting. FUN FACT: The name Noob comes from spelling the creative director of Netherealm Studios, creators of the Mortal Kombat game, Ed Boon and the co-creator, John Tobias backwards. NOOB SAIBOT.

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8. Subzero giving a stern look

grandmaster subzero wallpaper

With so many outfits and even had a celeb appearance voicing his character and a skin, Popular DJ, Dimitri Vegas. While this is not the skin, this is just another instance where the grandmaster looks really good and ready for battle.

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9. A shot of Shang Tsung Island

shang tsung island wallpaper
Mortal Kombat 11_20200416080818

If you’re into the scenery, and you love Mortal Kombat, this is one stunning shot from sorcerer Shant Tsung island which serves as the krypt where you go hunt for treasures, chests you unlock with coins to discover new items like skins, brutalities, weapons and even more special artefacts, especially when there’s a new event.

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10. Master Hasashi

mortal kombat 11 wallpaper

Or should we say Grandmaster, Hasashi now? One of the core MK characters, here’s what the Shirai Ryu master looks like in this new edition, mask on.

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11. Nightwolf

night wolf mortal kombat mk11 wallpaper

A lot of hype was made when Nightwolf launched in Kombat pack one alongside characters like Sindel mentioned above, while he has many new looks now, like every other character, their core costumes and appearances from the previous versions of mortal kombat are intact, just improved.

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12. Shang Tsung himself

Shang Tsung wallpaper

Speaking of the sorcerer, everyone knows he has the ability to look younger and old when he wants to, here’s what his old self looks like in the mobile game, perfect for your screen if you’re a fan of the sorcerer 🙂

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