Minecraft Shroomlight Complete Guide

Minecraft Shroomlight Complete Guide

Shroomlight is the rarest and the brightest source of light you will find in the entire game, it is the kind of block that gets you overwhelmed just by looking at them.

Aplenty of blocks are available in Minecraft, some of which are common while a few like Shroomlight are rare.

We are here with a detailed guide on Shroomlight blocks in Minecraft.

What is Shroomlight Minecraft?

Shroomlight is a light-emitting block in the Minecraft universe. They are found in huge fungi.

The shroomlight block provides a light level of 15, which is greater than any other block in the game. As shroomlights are solid in nature, they allow Redstone signals to pass through unlike Glowstone. For players who are scared by darkness, shroomlights are an easy escape to it.

Where does Shroomlight spawn naturally?

You can find the Shroomlight blocks in the Nether Realm, in the Crimson, and warped huge fungi blocks to be precise. The shroomlight blocks are usually found at the top of huge fungi blocks. You might find Shroomlight blocks on both the kinds of huge fungi, the naturally generated ones, and huge fungi grown with bone meal. 

To mine shroomlights, you can either use your bare hand or any kind of tool. However, we recommend a hoe, as it is the ideal tool to mine shroomlights.

Minecraft users can also grow huge fungi with bone meal. To start the process, you need to place warped or crimson fungus on their respective nylium blocks. You will need to put warped fungus only on warped nylium and Crismon fungus only on crimson nylium.

Once it is all set, all you will need to do is use bone meal on the plant. There is a 40% chance that your bone meal will grow the plant into a huge fungus, so it might take a few tries. Once the huge fungus has grown, you need to look for Shroomlights if they have been generated.

You will usually find the shroomlights on the top of huge fungi.

What can you use Shroomlight for in Minecraft?

If you want your base to look pretty and luminous from a long perspective, you must use Shroomlight blocks to light up your base. It is the brightest light source in Minecraft, even with one block of shroomlight you will illuminate all of your homes.

With a light level of 15, every Minecraft user wants to get their hands on the shroomlight block.

Many other light-emitting blocks do not allow Redstone signals to pass through them and if you have Redstone involved in your house, in such case you must opt for shroomlight as it will not affect your combination and will make the lighting in your house standout.

However, shroomlight is one of the rarest blocks to find in Minecraft. As it only spawns in Nether, it gets even harder to mine shroomlight. The new Nether update with new mobs has made it even more difficult, now that you have to fight creatures in the underworld to even get a chance to mine blocks.

As of now, Shroomlight can not be used in any crafting recipe in Minecraft. 

We hope we have covered everything you needed to know about Shroomlights in Minecraft, from locating them to using them.

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