13 Military Movies Based On True Stories (2024)

Military Movies Based On True Stories

War is horrifying and traumatic but it’s worth learning about especially to understand world history and how things fell into place.

True stories about military missions and war also deserve to be on a big screen and we’ve picked out some of the best representations of history through military movies for you to binge-watch in your free time.

Heroes in war need to continuously be recognized on every platform and if this can be done by representing their true stories and adventures in movies, then we’re all for it.

The heroic and selfless acts of war heroes have been explained as best as movie directors could afford to in every movie we’ve mentioned below and we’re certain you’ll learn a thing or two about world history from it.

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13 Military Movies Based On True Stories

Military movies are a great way to learn about the history and see a visual representation of how war heroes fought to gain the tranquility we enjoy today, the world might not be perfect but it’s worth knowing that there were people who were willing to put their life on the line for it, below are military movies based on true stories to give you a peek into war history.

1. Zookeeper’s wife

YouTube video

The zookeeper’s wife is a true story that is acted out to show how the kindness of a woman and her husband saves hundreds of lives during the Second World War. This movie is set in Poland in 1939 after the Germans had conquered the country. The zookeeper’s wife and her husband decide to join the resistance and they succeed in saving hundreds of lives. 

Where to watch the zookeeper’s wife: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

2. Lone survivor 

YouTube video

A Taliban leader named Ahmad Shah who encouraged acts of terrorism needed to be stopped and four navy SEALS are sent to get the job done by assassinating him. Unfortunately, while they make their way to the Taliban leader an afghan rearing goat herd which they come in contact with alerts the Taliban, and they are outnumbered when they get to their destination so they must fight their way through while ensuring their mission is fulfilled.

Where to watch lone survivor: Netflix and amazon prime video.

3. Behind enemy lines

YouTube video

Lt. Burnett and his partner are tasked to go on a photographic reconnaissance in the Balkans and are provided with an aircraft and photographic devices. They learn of genocidal crimes done by the local militia and are able to gather evidence as well. His partner dies when their aircraft is shot down and Burnett is rescued after which the crimes they learned of being exposed. 

Where to watch behind enemy lines: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

4. Hacksaw ridge

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Hacksaw Ridge follows the story of a war hero who does not need weapons to save lives, Desmond Doss is an army medic that ensures the lives of wounded soldiers are saved no matter the cost. This movie was set in Okinawa during one of the most gruesome battles of the Second World War. Desmond Doss was able to save the lives of over seventy wounded soldiers while equally risking his life in the process. 

Where to watch hacksaw ridge: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

5. The monuments men 

YouTube video

The monuments men is about the true story of a team that was tasked to protect and preserve cultural artifacts during the Second World War. This shows the importance of art and the preservation of history even during events of the war. Nazi thieves were after cultural artifacts to steal and destroy them, but this team was tasked with stopping them and rescuing the artifacts. 

Where to watch monuments men: Amazon prime video, Vudu, and Apple TV+.

6. Red tails

YouTube video

This movie is based on true life events that happened during the second world war. The pentagon sent out untested African American pilots to ensure they had more airstrike power because the war had gotten dangerously close to being lost and they needed to use all possible weapons at their disposal. 

Where to watch red tails: Disney plus and Amazon prime video.

7. The thin red line

YouTube video

Private Witt has gone through turmoil during the second world war and eventually finds himself on a deserted island where he is forced to fend for himself. He is stranded with natives on this pacific island and with time he adapts to their way of life and finds some peace being in their presence until he is taken by the U.S navy to be questioned.

Where to watch the thin red line: Netflix and amazon prime video.

8. Saving Private Ryan 

YouTube video

The movie saving private Ryan is also set during the second world war like several others mentioned earlier, it focuses on recreating the invasion that happened during the second world war as well as the aftermath of the war while playing out the rescue of Private Ryan.

Where to watch saving private Ryan: Netflix and amazon prime video.

9. The great escape 

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In the great escape, a true story of an escape mission from a German camp during the second world war is being acted out. Allied forced soldiers that have been captured make a brilliant plot to escape from the German camp while also providing a means for their fellow soldiers to take control of the German camp by distracting the German soldiers.

Where to watch the great escape: Amazon prime video, Vudu and Apple TV.

10. American Sniper

YouTube video

Chris Kyle is an American sniper who has been stationed to fight four wars or missions in Iraq, he is great at his job and serves the United States army with pride and devotion. Unfortunately, he develops PTSD as an after effect of being exposed to war and death as many times as he had had to serve the country on the battlefield.

Where to watch American sniper: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

11. The imitation game

YouTube video

Alan Turing and his group of brilliant British mathematicians are able to save the lives of millions of military men even without stepping foot on a battlefield. They did this by successfully cracking the code to Nazi encryption equipment in 24 hours. This eventually served as the tool that was used to defeat Adolf Hitler during the second world war. 

Where to watch the imitation game: Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon prime video.

12. Black hawk down

YouTube video

The movie black hawk down is based on a true story about a US military operation in Somalia known as “operation Gothic serpent”. These military men embark on this mission to capture two close aides of a warlord in Somalia known as Mohammed Farah Aidid. They show true devotion to their mission and each other by genuinely looking out for themselves to ensure that no soldier is left behind.

Where to watch black hawk down: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime video.

13. Valkyrie 

YouTube video

This movie is based on real-life events where a colonel in Hitler’s troops decides to form a resistance within his army to assassinate Hitler. The colonel finds people of high ranks that agree with him to join forces and overthrow Hitler who has led an unfair and authoritarian rule they no longer want any part of.

Where to watch Valkyrie: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime video.


While they may be horrific, military movies are one of the best ways to take a walk in the shoes of soldiers who put their life on the line to ensure that the world remained somewhat sane for the rest of us who were not present at the time.

It’s great to realize a military movie is based on true-life events, and if you’re a fan of this genre of movies then we have thirteen amazing and noteworthy true-life military movie recommendations that you’re certain to enjoy. 

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