Miitopia Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

miitopia for switch release date

Miitopia was a fairly successful game on the Nintendo 3DS and people had a blast playing it alongside other Mii-related games such as Miitopia since it allowed them to have lots of fun with their friends while their Miis could be used in many other places.

It truly felt like second life and with time it became a fond memory just like its counterparts, such as Tomodachi Life.

However, ever since Nintendo announced the Remaster earlier this year, the interest for the game has gone up exponentially and the demo being released with the incredibly creative character creation mode has made it the talk of the town.

So, everyone with a Nintendo Switch is looking forward to getting their hands on this game as it has the potential of becoming the next Animal Crossing – but when will gamers be able to buy Miitopia remastered on the Nintendo Switch?

Let’s answer that question with official information and also answer how much the game will cost!

What is Miitopia?

If you’ve never heard of Miitopia until now and are wondering what it’s like – let’s take a moment to give the game a short introduction before we answer the big question about its release date.

Miitopia is a role-playing video game that makes use of Nintendo’s famous Mii characters as a way to tell lighthearted stories full of simulation elements. You can make your own character and choose a class – and then you have to complete different quests throughout your journey while also maintaining relationships with other characters.

For example, if you have good relations with a certain Mii, you two will have a better synergy in combat. However, if you have an issue with them – this will be reflected in the combat as well.

The game is similar to Tomodachi Life in these certain ways since that was also a simulation game that used Mii characters but it’s a fairly different game that stands out on its own too.

Originally a Nintendo 3DS exclusive game, a remaster for it was announced earlier in 2021 and Nintendo has revealed that the game will include new customization options, a new horse companion, and a few other quality-of-life changes alongside HD graphics. And of course, the new character creator as seen in the demo is far more varied too now.

That’s why everyone is suddenly interested in the game again.

Now that we have that information out of the way, let’s get right into the release date and price of Miitopia’s remaster on the Nintendo Switch.

Miitopia Release Date and Price

Nintendo has officially announced the release date for the Miitopia remaster. It will be released on May 21, 2021 which is in just a few weeks! The Nintendo Switch release has some extra features as mentioned above – but is still essentially the Nintendo 3DS game at the end of the day so don’t expect something entirely new.

Miitopia will cost you $49.99 dollars on the Nintendo Switch and will give you 250 points. So, if you’re not in the mood for spending too much money, dusting off your Nintendo 3DS for a little nostalgia might be the best-case scenario.

However, Nintendo always throws in enough bonuses at the end of the day that the remasters become worth your time – so waiting for the reviews and for the community feedback might help you out too.

One way or another, it’s surely great to see a classic return and be introduced to another generation – and we might even see Miitopia 2 in 2022 or 2023 if this remaster ends up being very successful. Nostalgia is on our side, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

One way or another, we’re very excited to see what comes in the near future as Nintendo has been on an absolute roll and we’re looking forward to the community getting even more creative with the character creation demo.

And with that – we’ve told you everything that we knew on the topic so far and hope that your questions have been answered.

Feel free to ask anything in the comments and make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming articles on the website too.

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