How To Make Your Android Or iOS Device Battery Last Longer

make your phone charge faster
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How well you enjoy your mobile device is determined by its battery power/capacity. The true essence of your phone being mobile is o you can use it from anywhere you are and anytime you wish, which is why it is very necessary to have a device with good battery life.

Many people fancy the idea of giving their phone protection with beautiful cases and forget that they need to offer some protection to the device’s battery as well.

These days, mobile devices, including phones and tablets, now contain lithium-ion batteries which are better options than the previous types. These lithium-ion batteries are smaller in size but better in power. However, even with the promise of more capacity, they will start wearing off as we keep using them.

If you have used any device for a long time, then you’ve probably noticed that the battery became weaker after some time. That’s a very normal thing to happen because batteries have a lifespan and when they approach their decline stage, they show signs of weakness inevitably.

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Have you been wondering how you can maintain your phone’s battery life for as long as you can? Here are six useful tips you can follow to achieve that.

1. Don’t Charge Your Battery Beyond 100%

make your phone charge faster
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It is a common practice by a lot of people to plug their phone in and let it charge overnight. This is a very wrong practice and if you’re part of the people who do it, you need to stop it.

Once your battery gets to 100%, you should unplug it so it doesn’t lose its strength too quickly. As earlier stated, batteries have their respective life spans and it is important that you do well to extend that if your battery so it can serve you better.

If your battery is fully charged and you allow it to charge for a longer period, the excess voltage will make it heat up internally over time. If this happens, the battery begins to gradually lose its power and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connections When You’re Not Using Them

One of the ways your phone’s battery will get low or weak fast is when you keep leaving your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections on when you’re not using them. From when your device scans for networks to connect to, to when it finally gets connected to a network, your battery will keep working under pressure because these things consume battery to power a lot.

You’re allowed to use these connections, but when you’re done making use of them, turn them off completely so your battery life is preserved.

3. Manage Your Location Services

Turning on your device’s location services is one of the ways to stretch your battery power. There are a lot of apps these days that make use of location services and when it is turned on, these apps will run in the background and use your battery in the process.

Also, you should check the apps that you have already installed on your device and turn of location access if it is automatically on. Turning it off means that the app will no longer be able to control or toggle on your device’s location services without your consent or approval.

4. Reduce Your Screen Brightness

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How bright your screen is also determines how much of your battery power is consumed. If you do not need to, don’t increase your screen brightness as it would do nothing but put more workload on your battery. During the day, you should leave the brightness bar halfway on a way that you can use your phone comfortably.

At night, reduce the brightness to the lowest point that you would till be able to use it. Another option you can use is to put the brightness settings on automatic.

This feature will help increase and decrease the brightness of your screen automatically depending on the time of the day. What this means is that at night or when you’re in a darker area, the screen brightness is automatically reduced and during the day, when you’re out or under bright light, the brightness reduces.

5. Make Use Of The Battery Saver Feature

Almost any device these days has a battery saver feature. This feature will either halt or reduce the actions of some background apps on your phone to enhance battery life.

Some actions like CPU usage, screen brightness, mail fetching, and background syncing can stretch your battery life and you should endeavor to control these activities. One of the best ways to use this feature is to activate it when you notice that your battery is getting low. Upon activation, some functions will stop or be controlled so your battery can be preserved.

6. Instead Of Closing Apps, Manage Them

While you have the option to close all of the apps running in your phone’s background, you don’t have to take that action so fast. You may be making a mistake if you force-close the background apps running on your phone.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you have some apps on your phone that will need to keep running so your phone can work smoothly. If these apps are stopped, your device is expected to start malfunctioning and you don’t want that to happen.

So instead of closing them forcefully go to your battery settings and restrict the app’s battery usage to some extent.

7. Check Your Screen Timeout Settings

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If you notice your phone takes a long time before the backlight goes off, that is another battery-consuming action and you should look into it as well.

You can have the timeout increased if you’re busy with your phone and you don’t want the light to annoyingly constantly go off. However, when you’re done with whatever you’re doing, you should go back to settings and reduce the timeout.

You don’t want your screen light sucking your battery juice constantly, so you should use this process to handle the situation.

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