Is The Google Pixel 4a Waterproof? Pixel 4a Price In Nigeria

is the Google Pixel 4a waterproof?
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So the Google Pixel 4a, one of the most anticipated, hottest devices in 2020 just launched and while it is a budget device, the fact that it is from Google means a lot and these devices have been known to have the best camera on a smartphone.

Does the pixel 4a live up to its hype? is the Pixel 4a waterproof? Is the pixel 4a worth buying? We’ll discuss these in this post alongside some quick specs of the device, let’s get started.

Want to Know If The New Pixel 4a is Waterproof?

This is actually a good idea especially if you work around a huge body of water like the pool, water parks e.t.c. Asides being or not being a waterproof phone, the Pixel 4a will go down in history as not just one of the best budget phones in 2020 but overall, lets quickly discuss what makes this so.

Pixel 4a Quick Specs

The Pixel 4a has been long overdue before Google finally announced and released the device on August 5, available for preorder on Amazon and to start shipping before the end of the month.

The pixel 4a is Google’s new 5.81″ 2020 device with a 1080×2400 screen resolution. The device spots a punch-hole selfie cut-out design, Google’s first, and it houses the small but mighty 8MP selfie camera with 24mm (wide) feature.

The device itself runs on Android 10 and packs 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage, impressive for a $349 smartphone, what’s more impressive? It has 5G, yep… You don’t have to depend on Flagships like the OnePlus 8 for 5G anymore as Snapdragon’s mid-range chipsets make this very possible. The Pixel 4a runs on the Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G chipset, a little beneath the OnePlus Nord’s Snapdragon 765G chipset, spot the G behind those numbers, they are efficient processors and also 5G capable.

Is The Pixel 4a Waterproof?

The answer is No, the Pixel 4a has no IP certification hence is not waterproof and cannot be submerged in water but it does have water-resistant features for example the sim slot side is coated with rubber to keep liquid and other substances out but the device is not waterproof.

As explained in other guides we’ve written about waterproof phones, the Galaxy A51 for example, it costs extra to add IP certification to a device ergo to add some features to these devices, it jacks up the price hence certain features like these are left out of budget phones to keep the prices down.

You get now?

How Much Is The Pixel 4a In Nigeria?

The Pixel 4a is about $349 on Amazon, anybody even from Nigeria can order one straight from Amazon right now, as the device is available on preorder but is selling fast.

Converted to NGN at the current rate of 450NGN/$, That brings up the Pixel 4a price to about NGN157,000 only. While its not available on local stores, you can order via the Amazon link above.

FAQ On The Pixel 4a

Your questions on the Pixel 4a answered.

Ques: What is the Pixel 4a battery? How Big is it?

The Pixel 4a battery isn’t that buoyant like the one on the Nord, it’s only a 3140mAh which should give you about 8 hours usage, the processor is efficient and so is the OLED screen panel when on dark mode.

Ques: Is the fingerprint sensor on the rear, in-screen, or side-mounted?

Unlike the Redmi Note 9S side fingerprint design or the more futuristic in-screen solution on the Galaxy A71 devices, the Pixel 4a sticks to the traditional much faster rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Ques: Can the camera record 4k videos?

Yes, the rear camera can record 4k videos.

Ques: Does the device have a memory card slot?

No, it does not, the base and only version of the device only has 128GB storage.

Ques: Does it have a headphone jack?

Yes, the device does have a headphone jack.

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