Is ASUS A Good Laptop Brand? All You Should Know

asus a good laptop brand?
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Have you ever considered getting an ASUS laptop or had the brand recommended by someone and you’re havings doubts if ASUS laptops are as good as they say or not? Not to worry, because we have done our research about ASUS laptops and have written our findings down in this article which in the end will help you decide if ASUS is a good laptop brand or not.

According to stats, as of January 2021, ASUS was ranked No. 5 on the list of largest PC vendors by unit sales. They have made a very good reputation for themselves as one of the best laptop brands in the world because their laptops feature really awesome specs.

It’s almost impossible to make a list of the top laptop brands in the world and exclude ASUS.

They have released different types of laptops that suit different needs like the ZenBook series, VivoBook series, ProBook series, StudioBook series, ROG (Republic Of Gamers), and TUF series, etc.

With each new release, they consistently make improvements and necessary upgrades to make their laptops better and also satisfy new needs that arise.

Also, they have been manufacturing laptops for all kinds of budgets. They manufacture and release both high-budget and low-budget laptops so everyone can afford to own an ASUS laptop.

Laptops From ASUS

Laptops like the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, ASUS ROG Zephyrus S, etc which are gaming laptops are considered flagship or high-performance laptops and are among the high budget laptops while the ASUS E410MA Intel Celeron, ASUS Notebook Intel Celeron are classified as low budget laptops.

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Getting a laptop from any of these categories depends on your budget or what you need the laptop for. Nevertheless, they have ensured customers have a variety of options to choose from.

For example, laptops in the ROG and TUF series are mainly for gaming. They are high-performance flagship laptops and were manufactured to provide gamers with the optimal gaming experience. Also, they mostly fall in the high-budget category of ASUS laptops.

If you’re in search of the best gaming laptops, ASUS ROG and TUF series have very good options to pick from.

However, with all these good talks about how the ASUS brand is a reliable brand, questions still pop up about how good they really are. As we go further in this article, we will discuss features that’ll answer these questions.

Is ASUS A Good Laptop Brand?

To answer this question, we will discuss the advantages of ASUS laptops in respect to some of the factors people consider when they want to purchase laptops like affordability, RAM and Storage capacity, CPU and GPU performance, design, and durability, battery life, etc. Well then, let’s get into it.


ASUS laptops usually come with really reasonable pricing on their laptops compared to other top laptop brands. They have managed to manufacture laptops for all types of budgets and people while still being able to maintain their quality.

Not everyone can afford flagship models but ASUS has been able to create low-budget laptops that can give a near similar experience to the high-performance laptop.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a laptop, you can get an ASUS laptop within the price range of 150 dollars – 3000 dollars. However, it’s important to know that the cheaper laptops can only handle the less demanding tasks.

No matter, ASUS offers more cool features in their laptops for their prices and even in low-budget laptops compared to some other top brands. They have been successful in making available varieties for people of different fields and classes to choose from.

RAM And Storage Capacity

ASUS laptops are always equipped with the best kind of RAM depending on the needs of their customers or the category the laptop falls into. They usually come in either 4GB, 8GB, 16GB RAM, or 32GB.

The laptops with a lower RAM capacity are mostly good for low-demanding tasks while the laptops with a high RAM capacity like 16GB or 32GB can handle high demanding tasks.

Depending on what the laptop is needed for or the amount of RAM the customer desires, people have the opportunity to choose. For example, Flagship gaming laptops always come with the most RAM of at least 8gig and are mostly expandable so as to enable customers to have a very good gaming experience.

For storage, they come in different variations depending on the price of the laptop and the kind of laptop it is. Flagship or high-performance laptops usually possess higher or better storage capacities. Storage capacity for ASUS laptops usually ranges from 256GB and maxes out at 4TB and their storage can either be Hard Disk Drive(HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD).

However, new releases in recent years have been coming with SSD because it’s way better and improves the performance of laptops. Just like other laptop brands, the higher the storage capacity, the more expensive the laptop is on the market.

ASUS laptops feature RAM and storage capacities that make them great for multitasking.

High Performance CPU And GPU

The GPU and CPU that come with ASUS laptops vary according to the price and type of laptop. For example, most gaming laptops require a high-performance CPU and GPU to ensure an optimal gaming experience and ASUS gaming laptops pack some of the best processors and graphics units in the market.

They have some of the best laptops on the market in terms of performance and feature the latest types of chips. Although, the kind of processors and graphics units their laptops possess differs with prices.

Their laptops come with Intel Celeron, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9, AMD Ryzen processors, etc. People get to choose laptops with any of these CPUs depending on their needs and the kind of task they want to perform on it.

Also, they come with the best GPUs you can ever get on the market. If you’re looking for a laptop to perform tasks at optimal performance, ASUS is one of the best options you can get. The graphics processing units they possess vary according to the series.

For example, the laptops in ROG and TUF series tend to come with the highest graphics cards because they are needed for optimal gaming performance. Many of their laptops come with integrated intel graphics and their flagship models come with the newest GPUs like the Nvidia and AMD. They come with different cards to suit different needs.

asus a good laptop brand?

Stylish Design and Durability

Asus has been very innovative when it comes to laptop designs. They manufacture laptops with some of the best designs on the market and also set new trends with their designs.

For example, the ASUS ROG Mothership is the first-ever detachable gaming laptop on the market and the Chromebook flip comes with a really nice and durable 360-degree flip. Their laptops usually come with really cool features and designs.

Also, they tend to manufacture durable laptops. Nobody wants to buy a laptop that can get spoilt easily and ASUS has been doing a good job when it comes down to laptop durability.

Although the level of durability for their laptops vary, and we have some other few durable laptop brands than ASUS, they still tend to possess a significant level of durability which enables them last for a long period of time. ASUS laptops have been said to have one of the lowest fail rates among the top laptop manufacturing brands.

Decent Battery Life

ASUS laptops feature a decent battery life compared to other laptop brands especially their high-performance or gaming laptops.

Although gaming laptops generally do not have very decent battery lives and the battery lives of their laptops differ according to the tasks they are being used to perform just like in other laptops brands. It might not be so great, but it’s still decent enough.

Wireless Connectivity, Ports and CD Drive

ASUS laptops usually come with the traditional connectivity and ports that come with laptops generally like Bluetooth, WiFi, USB ports, HDMI, audio jack, etc. Some models come with USB Type C ports while the majority of ASUS laptops do not come with a CD Drive. Especially in their new laptop releases.


We have looked at the benefits and features of ASUS laptops, and we can come to a conclusion that Yes, ASUS is a good laptop brand.

From the benefits stated in this article, we can say the brand has laptops to satisfy a wide range of customer base with really cool features.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a laptop or the kind of tasks you need a laptop to perform like gaming, school, work, etc, or your budget, ASUS is definitely one of the best laptop brands you can get to satisfy your needs.