How to Make A Facebook Post Shareable

make a post shareable on Facebook
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So you have this very interesting post to share on Facebook. You wish to make it shareable; with friends, non-friends and with people that don’t have a Facebook account also.

From time to time, people publish great articles on Facebook, ranging from informative ones to enlightening ones, to news items or great discoveries around.

As Facebook grew to become a major spot for people to go to get great and exciting content for whatsoever purpose, the need to be able to share these posts comes up and the share feature became the perfect tool to actualize this need.

By default, your posts are always visible to your friends. This is to make your social media life open to only people that you choose.

Even though you wish you make your posts public, you can do so without having to edit your privacy settings, hence usefulness of the feature.

To take advantage of this (make your post shareable), there are two possible scenarios; The post is still being written or the post has been published already and you wish to change the visibility.

Scenario 1: Making A New Post Shareable

At this stage, you are  yet to publish the post. It is basically still in the works. There is an option available to set the visibility of the post name; public, friends, only me. With each option meaning what it implies; Public for the general populace, friends for people following or connected together and only me for personal use. To choose from this end, you do the following;

  • Locate the public tag right below your  full name
  • Click on the tag
  • The options pop up , select public
  • Proceed with publishing

At this point, your post is shareable.

Scenario 2: Making An Existing Post Shareable On Facebook

At this stage, you have already published the post and its probably a private one or just visible to friends alone. Making it shareable is pretty easy to.

  • Locate the post from your timeline
  • Click on the three dots icon at the bottom left side of the post
  • In the menu that pops up, select edit post
  • You will be taken to the post edit panel
  • From there, locate the option selector right below your full name
  • Click on the public option and save

The post is shareable  at this point also. You can follow these steps, in the opposite when you want to make your Facebook post unsharable as well.

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