Attack On Titan: How Old Is Levi Ackerman?

how old is levi ackerman

Humanity’s strongest soldier, the one who has had the girls crazy ever since he made that sick appearance almost a decade ago, it’s almost unbelievable how a side character can be the face of a series, that is until we got that time skip last year.

Levi Ackermann is someone who needs no introduction at all. With attack on titan being as big as it’s ever been and almost everyone getting into the series, even non-anime fans have seen the character floating around the internet once or twice at this point.

The character has had his share of secrets with Hajime Isayama trying his hardest to uncover most of them for the fans out there.

But stuff like his height and his age has always been something that’s rather hard to believe, even after a million memes having spoiled it already. But we speak nothing but the truth right here and you can rest assured that we won’t be pulling a fast one on you.

So, without further ado, let’s answer the most asked question about Levi Ackermann right here, right now!

How tall is Levi Ackerman?

Wait! Just a minute here. I just got word that the fans troll the guy a lot for his height so the people from the survey corps want me to relay some information to you. Listen closely because these are words from the heicho himself.

Levi is estimated to have a height of 160cm and weighs about 65Kg.

I might be 5′ 3” but I know how to make you 3′ 5” in an instant. Better watch what you’re saying with that filthy tongue of yours.’ Well, you heard the guy! Let’s get to the main question now!

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Just how old is Levi Ackermann?

We always tend to make things interesting here so, you know the drill. Let’s try guessing the shrimp- oh I mean the captain’s age and let’s see who the one coming the closest to the right answers. I mean we all know what it is but let’s just play with the ones who haven’t been doing their homework at all, shall we?

So far, I’ve heard 15, 20, 22, 26, and 5?! Who’s the one trolling here? Come forth, let me see what you have to say for yourself! 30? Well, I don’t even want to hear more since that’s the closest anyone would get to guessing Levi’s age to be honest. With the guy being in his thirties for almost the entire series, Levi isn’t someone who looks like an adult at all.

I mean look at that swiftness! Those moves could give any other character a run for their money in a heartbeat even when you don’t have the ODM gear in the equation! I mean the only characters you can compare him with are the ones from the op, one punch man universe but they are in a league of their own as we know.

From saving eren when he’s about to discover what goes inside of Annie to slaughtering the female, the beast and the beast and the beast, again and again, the guy is for sure someone best suited to be called the humanity’s strongest soldier.

Plus, with that Ackermann blood making him shine the brightest amongst any other character the series has seen to date, even death is scared from coming close to this soldier we’ve got on our hands here.

Well, we’ll be seeing him for the last time next year so better give him the best farewell possible since all that he’s done for the human race can’t even be described in words even when we ask from one of the characters who’ve been with him the entire time.

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