How Much Is The New Samsung Galaxy A52 And A72?

SAMSUNG galaxy a52 a72 price
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The Samsung galaxy A52 and A72 were announced less than a month ago and available globally from March 26 as the successors of the A51 and last year’s A71 with improved design and quad camera design amongst other things.

As Samsung’s star mid-rangers, both devices come with new features you won’t normally see in devices in this category and should come with the charger in the box despite Samsung removing it from its much higher-priced flagship device of 2021, the S21 lineup following Apple’s iffy footstep.

Both devices have improved camera arrays with the a snapdragon 720G processor and up to 5000mAh battery on the A72.

The two devices are expected to carry improved specs with the A72 having an upper hand but at a much higher price of course, and are they waterproof? Tap that link to discover what we wrote previously on both phones having an IP rating.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy A52?

Before we discuss the price of these two devices further you should know that there are two variants of the device this year and yup, the price varies.

The 5G version for those that live in supported areas and the non-5G (ordinary) version.

The 5G version of the A52 is set to be around $529 with up to 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM. Still on the 5G version the 128GB, 6GB RAM version is a bit cheaper.

The 128GB, 6GB RAM non-5G version of this device will set you back at least $355, lowest price seen on Amazon with the higher memory versions costing abit more as expected.

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How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy A72?

The A72 is a bit of a badder boy with the base 128GB 6GB RAM version starting at $462.99 and the higher memory size costing more.

The 5G version hasn’t surfaced yet as at the time of writing this so we’ll keep you posted.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 In Nigeria?

Just a quick section for our local audience.

The A52 and A72 price may be slightly different here in Nigeria and may fluctuate a lot due to the unstable state of the Naira and how it stacks up against the dollar both in the parallels and black market trading.

But the A52 is estimated to start at NGN150,000 and the A72 even higher and towards NGN200,000. As expected, we won’t get the 5G version here as it’ll be useless here seeing that there are no 5G antennas around.

And that’s about it for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 price in Nigeria, we’ll update this page with updated stats as soon as we see official listings for both phones on online marketplaces like Jumia and even updates from offline stores like SLOT.

Should you buy these phones? Yup. They’re hot every year they drop.

These midrange phones have upgraded to a higher 90Hz refresh rate and comes out of the box with the latest Android 11 and Samsung’s latest One UI.

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