Genshin Impact Venti Best Builds, Ascension, Talents, Unlock Guide

Genshin Impact Venti Best Builds, Ascension, Talents, Unlock Guide

Venti is a five-star anemo character in Genshin Impact, which uses a bow to shoot enemies from a distance. It quickly gains popularity throughout the game world, and his success story is a motivation for many.

When venti is not in the battle, he strolls the streets of Mondstadt and plays a musical instrument to amuse locals. 

Venti can suspend enemy mid-air and constantly launch attacks on it. With the base stats on venti, you won’t be able to launch high damage dealing storms, so you need weapons and artifacts.

This ultimate guide features the exact locations of all the materials you need for ascension and talent ascension, along with the best builds. 

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How to unlock Venti In Genshin Impact

Getting Venti in Genshin Impact isn’t a piece of cake as he is a five-star character and getting any five-star character requires persistence.

He is available in a separate character banner called the Ballad of Goblets. 

Venti Ascension Materials

Anemo hypostasis, maguu kenki, and stormterror monsters are the best options to get Vayuda turquoise variants, including Vayuda Turquoise Silver, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment, Vayuda Turquoise chunk, etc. If you have some money, go to xingxi or Marjorie to buy these materials and save yourself from grinding. 

If you have the lowest tier material, take it to a crafting table nearby and upgrade it to the desired tier. Along with these materials, the anemo hypostasis also drops hurricane seed.

Go to the wild near the star snatch cliff for Cecilia. 

  • 1x Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 9x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 9x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 6x Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
  • 46x Hurricane Seed
  • 168x Cecilia
  • 18x Slime Condensate
  • 30x Slime Secretions
  • 36x Slime Concentrate.

Venti talent materials

Take part in the wolf of the north challenge every week for the tail of boreas. This event also rewards some other items, but you can convert them to the tail of boreas with the help of dream solvent and a crafting table.

Some other special events in the game reward you with the crown of insight. 

  • 9x Teachings of Ballad
  • 63x Guide to Ballad
  • 114x Philosophies of Ballad
  • 18x Slime Condensate
  • 66x Slime Secretions
  • 93x Slime Concentrate
  • 18x Tail of Boreas
  • 3x Crown of Insight.

Best Genshin Impact Venti Build

Accessioning character and talents significantly improve venti’s overall stats, but the right weapons and artifacts are crucial, especially against high-level bosses. Below are the best weapons and artifacts for the ultimate venti build.  

Venti Best Weapons

For the best damage per the second build of venti and swirl sub effect, an elegy for the end weapon is the best choice. It is a five-star weapon that will get the job done for you as it features energy recharge as bonus stats.

Your energy will recharge faster, and you will be able to use the elemental burst quickly. Spend some Primogems on the weapon banner to get your hands on this weapon. 

Skyward harp increases the critical damage of your character by more than twenty percent for a short period. With the main effect of this weapon, you have higher chances of dealing a hundred percent more physical damage through an area of effect attack.

This effect resets after four seconds. 

Stringless is a four-star weapon for players who haven’t unlocked the aforementioned weapons. You don’t have to spend any Primogems on upgrading the stringless weapons, so there is no need to grind for money. 

Venti Best Artifacts

Combine the elegy of the end weapon with a viridescent veneer set for the perfect swirl sub DPS build of venti. Along with all the weapons stats, you will also get anemo damage and swirl damage boost of sixty percent.

Equip hat offers a critical rate or damage boost, and goblet offers anemo damage boost. 

The obliges increases the elemental burst damage by twenty percent, which is great for a burst sub-DPS build. This artifact also gives an elemental burst attack bonus to all your teammates for twelve seconds when using its unique effect.

The hat and the goblet remain the same for this burst build.

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