Genshin Impact Mona Best Builds, Ascension, Talents & Unlocking

Genshin Impact Mona Best Builds, Ascension, Talents & Unlocking

Mona is the five-star hydro user that features one of the best bursts in the game which will temporarily increase the attack stats of all your teammates.

Here is the ultimate Mona guide with information about builds, ascension, and talents but first you will learn about how to unlock Mona in Genshin Impact first as she ranks high as one of the best characters in the game.

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How to get Mona in Genshin Impact

As you already know that Mona is a five-star character and you need to be lucky to unlock it in the game. It is a part of the wanderlust invocation banner which is a permanent banner and you will be able to use all its characters including Mona till the end of time.

To get this five-star character, you have to try again and again as your chances of getting in each run are around 0.6%. 

Genshin Impact Mona Ascension and Talent Materials

To increase the level of Mona and all its talents, you need the following ascension and talent materials. It is better to start saving these materials early on as you don’t know when you will get lucky and get Mona. 

Genshin Impact Mona Ascension Materials

Here is the exact number of materials that you need for the ascension of Mona along with the location of each material.

  1. 1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver
  2. 9x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
  3. 9x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
  4. 6x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
  5. 46x Cleansing Heart
  6. 168x Philanemo Mushroom
  7. 18x Whopperflower Nectar
  8. 66x Shimmering Nectar
  9. 93x Energy Nectar.

For Varunada Lazurite Sliver and other versions of Varunada along with the cleansing heart, you need to go to the Oceanid boss.

The philanemo mushroom is available on top of buildings in the mondstad castle, dawn winery, and the Springvale. To get the basic variant of the nectar, you can kill whopperflowers on the world map.

Take all the basic materials to a craft table to upgrade them to their high-tier version. 

Genshin Impact Mona Talent Materials

Here are all of Mona’s talent materials needed for ascension.

  1. 9x Teachings of Resistance
  2. 63x Guide to Gold
  3. 114x Philosophies of Resistance
  4. 18x Whopperflower Nectar
  5. 66x Shimmering Nectar
  6. 93x Energy Nectar
  7. 18x Ring of Boreas
  8. 3x Crown of Insight.

For rings of boreas, complete the wolf of the north quest every week as it drops randomly and you have to try until you get it. Increase the level of the shrine tree in Inazuma to earn the crown of insight as well as can earn it from in-game events.

You can also take drops from other monsters to a crafting bench nearby and exchange them for rings of boreas to avoid grinding. 

Best Genshin Impact Mona Build

Although leveling mona and its talent will increase stats but you need something more than that for best performance. Builds mean equipping the right artifacts and weapons for each battle and here are the best weapons and artifacts for the ultimate Mona Build.

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Genshin Impact Mona Best Weapons

For the highest damage per second of mona, equip the widsith as your main weapon as it offers the best crit damage in the game. Once you set foot field on the battlefield, it will also provide you with a random stat bonus ranging from 60% attack increase to 240 elemental mastery increase or the 48% elemental damage increase. 

Pro player suggests that you should go with the skyward atlas if you want that extra attack stat bonus along with the elemental damage bonus of 12%.

It is pretty difficult to get both of these weapons so you can go with the thrilling tales of dragon slayer instead. It offers a good HP stat bonus but the best thing about this weapon is that you don’t need grind compared to other weapons. 

Genshin Impact Mona Best Artifacts

With the noblesse oblige, you can get the most out of Mona in terms of burst attack with that 20% increase in the burst damage. For maximum stats, go with critical damage or critical hit rate hat and hydro damage goblet. 

Equip two pieces of wanderer’s troupe and two pieces of heart of depth to complete your hydro build with better damage per second. In terms of critical bonuses and hydro bonuses go with the same artifacts as above.

With the above-given artifacts, the hydro damage of Mona will increase by 15% along with elemental mastery which will increase by 80.

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