Genshin Impact Barbara Best Builds, Ascension, Talents, Unlock Guide

Genshin Impact Barbara Best Builds, Ascension, Talents, Unlock Guide

If you are looking for the right Barbara build in Genshin Impact, this article features a complete guide to help you with your build. Barbara will be a great addition to your team as she is one of the best healers in the entire game.

Some of the most prominent skills of Barbara are elemental skill, elemental burst, and normal attack.

The biggest reason why players still opt for Barbara while other characters are available in the game is that she is a reliable healing character.

She is a four-star hydro character who deals hydro damage to all the nearby enemies from time to time along with the healing effect to friendlies. To cast the charged whisper of water ability, you need stamina but the area of effect damage is worth the effort. 

How to Get Barbara in Genshin Impact

Barbara is a four-star character so getting here won’t be a difficult task for you if you have the right strategy. Set on an adventure in the beautiful virtual world of Genshin Impact and level up your adventure skill at the same time. 

You will receive Barbara as soon as you upgrade it to adventure level 20. If you can’t upgrade the adventure level to the requirement, go for the character banner as she has a high rate at the banner compared to other characters.

You need somewhat luck at the banner but it is worth trying. 

Best Barbara Build in Genshin Impact

Here are the right builds for Barbara in Genshin Impact.

Weapons For Barbara

In terms of weapons, Barbara doesn’t come up with only two options and you have to master them to increase your chances of winning the battle. The first one is prototype amber which automatically regenerates energy for six seconds through the elemental burst skill. 

While you will regenerate energy, all your teammates will regenerate four percent of their lost HP. The second weapon is thrilling tales of dragon slayers which increase the attack of Barbara. If you are a battle lover who wants to fight in the front row, go with this weapon. 

With the thrilling tales of dragon slayer weapons, you can use this attack boost effect after twenty seconds intervals which can be bad for players with fast-paced gameplay.

Pro players advise that you should go with the prototype amber as it aligns with the base skills of the character.

Artifacts For Barbara

There is only one Barbara artifact in Genshin Impact for now and it features two different pieces. The maiden beloved artifact increases the healing capacity of your character by fifteen percent if you equip both pieces at the same time.

To become the best support character in your team and provide your teammates with the twenty percent extra healing effect, you need to wear all four pieces of the artifact but getting them is a difficult task.

Although this artifact is the only option it can boost her base healing skills to make her the ultimate healer of the entire game. 

Barbara Ascension materials

Genshin Impact features a realistic character up-gradation mechanism by providing you with a chance to ascension your character to increase its stats. After a while in the game, you will see that weapons and artifacts are not enough and you have something more to fight with high-level bosses. 

Ascension and talent upgrades let you increase stats with simple upgrades and these stats aren’t affected by weapons and artifacts.

Below are some of the best ascension and upgrade materials that you should start collecting from day one if you plan to use Barbara as your main character because Barbara is somewhat underpowered without ascension. 

  • The first Barbara ascension material is varunada lazurite that you will obtain by defeating Oceanid and the hydro hypostasis monsters. 
  • If you have enough stats, opt for Oceanid compared to the other monster as it drops cleansing heart which you also need in the later stages of the game. 
  • For diving scrolls, pick up arms against samachurls of desired levels on the world map and defeat them. 
  • You need to gather the philanemo mushrooms from the Mondstadt region but don’t worry as you will find plenty of these mushrooms scattered all around.

Best Talent Materials 

To upgrade the talents of Barbara, you need four different materials in Genshin Impact including driving scrolls, rings of boreas, and crown of light.

The game features a forsaken rift domain on three days of the week and you can take part in it to earn teachings of freedom as a reward. For the ring of boreas, fight with a level seventy of the above wolf of the north monster in the wolvendom region.

The crown of insight is easier to obtain compared to other talent upgrading materials as you can easily upgrade the frost-bearing tree in the dragon spine region or the scared Sakura in the Inazuma region.

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