Flickr Alternatives: 10 Image Sharing Sites Like Flickr

flickr alternatives sites like flickr

If you wanted to share photos in the 2000s, Flickr was the solution to your problem. During this period, millions of users sent content – to their loved ones – with this free service. But as time passed, Flickr had financial troubles and became less popular with users.

It even announced plans to offer a data cap of 1000 photos. So if you have more than that amount of pictures – especially in a free account – the platform deletes them.

Luckily, you can use other platforms that offer similar services like Flickr. Besides, these Flickr alternatives have more storage and promise better features. Now let’s check out 10 image sharing sites like Flickr if you’re looking to share your awesome creations with the world.

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1. SmugMug

For professional photographers that want to put up their work for sale, SmugMug comes as a perfect choice. Apart from allowing users to send pictures and videos, the platform helps photographers present their art in an impressive web portfolio. You can also use this service to set up your online art store.

The platform is user friendly and boasts of unlimited storage space. It even keeps your photo safe by providing image right-clicking protection.

To use SmugMug, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $5-$35. However, the photo-sharing site like Flickr offers a 14 day trial period. With this in mind, the service does not support a free version.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most popular Flickr alternatives you can find. This site comes from the Google + community and provides excellent features for sharing photos smoothly.

As an Andriod user, you can use this service to backup your photos to the cloud. Since the service promises unlimited storage, you can save tons of pictures without worrying about the space. But if you use the free version of this site, you will only store compressed versions of your content.

Anyone can navigate this site quickly. Thanks to AI, Google Photos organizes your images correctly. It also provides tools for editing your pictures.


Are you still looking for Flicker alternatives? Well, 500px has options that make Flickr look outdated. Asides providing features for sharing images, this platform helps you join a worldwide creative community.

This platform offers unlimited storage on each of its three plans. But to enjoy this feature, you will have to make payments. Besides, the subscription gives you access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography bundle.

Here, pictures are well laid out while the website has an easy to use interface. You can also draw inspiration from the works of member photographers. Overall, is one of the best sites like Flickr.

4. iCloud

Now, this service stands as one of the well-known Flickr alternatives. If you own an Apple device, you should know this photo-sharing platform. If you don’t, it is a cloud-based storage site for storing media files on Apple products.

This platform helps you sync your images to supported devices. You can also use the Family Sharing feature to send audio, pictures, and other files to your loved ones.

For people who want to store files on sites like Flickr, iCloud comes as a perfect option. After all, it offers free storage of up to 5gb. To have more space, you can get up to 2tb – for a fee.

5. Instagram

INSTAGRAM pictures download on PC

You might not expect Instagram to come as one of the Flickr alternatives. But surprisingly, this popular service has features that rival anything Flick has to offer.

Instagram boasts of millions of users from every part of the world. With this in mind, this platform is the perfect place to share photos, particularly with little effort.

Unlike most sites like Flickr, you can use Instagram for free. Besides, you can upload as many photos as you want. Moreover, you can access the platform via a mobile or desktop app.

6. Imgur

One of the best Flickr alternatives is Imgur. It includes a community that prefers sharing viral photos. You can describe this website as a place to host images for social media sites like Reddit or Twitter.

Since it is free, you can use this platform at any time. Imgur even gives unlimited storage to users while supporting an interface that is easy to use. When it comes down it, Imgur is one of the best sites like Flickr.

7. Facebook

Let’s be honest – most people are on Facebook. For this reason, this social media platform has billions of users, thereby making it one of the largest photo-sharing sites like Flickr.

Facebook does not require any subscription except if you want to pay for adverts. As with some Flickr alternatives, you can enjoy unlimited storage space, which saves only compressed images.

You can navigate this website via a dedicated mobile or desktop app. Furthermore, the app is straightforward to use and navigate.

8. Photoblog

Since 2008, Photoblog has given photographers the chance to share their art. Asides sharing pictures, this incredible Flickr alternative provides an avenue for people to share the stories behind the images.

This platform is not for free. After paying an affordable subscription, you get unlimited storage space. Luckily, Photoblog looks like any social media site, which makes it easy to use.

9. Photobucket

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Photobucket has a massive collection of images. Here, users can upload photos to a 2GB worth of free storage. But an upgrade to a premium plan provides more space for your files.

The site organizes pictures so that you can check them out – under several categories. If you like, you can set the privacy of your files three privacy options. For people who love seeing the featured images on a wall, Photobucket enables them to print the photos directly.

10. DeviantArt

Instead of fidgeting with Flickr, you can switch to DeviantArt. Although it’s popular with digital artists, it’s a great place to share photos for both amateur and professional photographers.

With free membership comes 2GB storage space. Also, check out various sections of the platform without registering. But if you need extra space for your photos, you will have to make a subscription.

DeviantArt also boasts of an active community of artists and hosts chats. Thanks to this feature, you can interact with other creatives and learn more about photography.

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