How to Fix PS4 Controller Blinking White

PS4 Controller blinking white
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The tension and anxiety are real when any PlayStation part starts acting weird or encounters some serious issues. The same feelings go for when the controller’s white light starts blinking, and you don’t know what could be the problem because there can be many reasons for it.

However, after many studies, there could be two main reasons why the light was blinking: your battery of controller is dying and second is that your controller failed to connect to the PlayStation 4.

Don’t worry as we have a solution for both of these issues, and you don’t need anything extra to solve these issues.

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1. Check your USB cable

These USB cables are fragile, so firstly, you need to check your USB cable that acts as a charging cord. You need to replace it with a shiny new one if it is having trouble working and not charging the controller.

Once you got the cable, replace it and plug the USB into your PlayStation. If the light changes to blue or orange, this will mean the main issue was the cable, and you have successfully resolved this issue. Let’s move to the next step if the USB cable is working fine, and you are still facing the white light.

2. Reset the Console

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You can go for the old trick, i.e., turn it off and back on again, and without a doubt, this trick has always worked because sometimes, your console needs a restart. For that purpose, follow the steps if you don’t know how to do it.

  • Power of the PlayStation by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Remove the power cord from the back of the PlayStation.
  • Wait for around 3 minutes, listen to a song to relax.
  • Plug your power cable back in and turn the PlayStation on.
  • Plug the USB charging cable into PlayStation and controller.
  • If it gets solved and white light disappears, then you have successfully solved the issues.
  • If it stays, that means you need to move to another method to check.

3. Reset the Controller

As all controllers come with their own software, which means you need to keep them updated; otherwise, they might corrupt the system. The good thing about the PlayStation controller is that you can reset with ease.

  • Turn the controller over to find the reset button on the back by the top right screw.
  • Using an unfolded paperclip, or a sim card opener from the phone, push the button inside of the hole.
  • Hold the button down for five seconds.
  • Again plug the USB back to the controller.
  • Turn the controller and check of the issues have been resolved or not.

However, if the issue is not resolved, you can go for the last option, which is listed below.

4. Start The PS4 in Safe Mode

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Well, maybe your controller is working fine, but the PS4 is causing issues. For this, you can go for some more troubleshooting in safe mode, including rebuilding your database.

Sometimes, as I have noticed and experienced, when the safe mode is activated, controllers like DualShock often bypass issues and work normally.

  • Turn off your PlayStation.
  • Press and hold the power button until it makes the beep sound twice.
  • You will hear the first sound when you press it at the start.
  • The second sound will come almost 7 seconds after the first one.
  • Connect your controller with the USB cable (you can attach a new USB cable to it for your use).
  • Press the PS button present in the center of the controller.
  • Check now, whether the light is gone or not.
  • At this point, after going through all the possible solutions, this white light issue is resolved.

Note: If your USB ports are not working, do not launch your PS4 in safe mode. You will have first to sync your controller through a USB port. Get your ports fixed if they are not working.

Wrapping it up

All these solutions presented above are easy and do not require any extra expertise. However, even after performing all the tasks mentioned above, you are still facing the issues; this may be because you have a faulty controller. Otherwise, the issue must have been resolved at this moment.

Make sure to keep it away from kids as they can break it if not play with it.

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