How to Download Instagram Photos And Videos On PC

INSTAGRAM pictures download on PC

Want to learn how to download Instagram photos on PC? You’ve come to the right place. Not only will you learn to download those beautiful Instagram photos directly to your device, but our little trick also helps you save videos effortlessly as well.

Until Instagram blew up, A download option was never more needed but with the boom, amazing photos and videos are being uploaded every day by the millions of daily million active users.

Photos and videos that should be used as wallpapers, and literally a bunch of other reasons.

As you may already have known, there are many ways to download Instagram photos but for the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to do that on your computer, afterwards, we’ll also love to show you a simple app to also get this done on your Android device.

Let’s get started.

Download Instagram photos on PC using this Instagram downloader Addon for Chrome

If you already use Google Chrome on your PC, this is the best and fastest option to download Instagram content directly to your device, it’s as simple as right-clicking and choosing the save as option as you would do with Pinterest.

Don’t worry, addons are easy to download, install and free to use.

We’ll use this free Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message extension, click on that link to add it to chrome.

using instagram downloader for chrome

Then a prompt comes on to add the extension to chrome, watch it download and now it’s ready to use. Now let’s show you how to use your shiny new extension.

Go to the Instagram photo page you wish to download, and click on the download icon added by the new extension and watch your photo downloaded immediately.

download Instagram pictures on PC

This icon will appear on all photos on Instagram PC as well as videos so you can download them easily.

Alternatively, you can use this web app to download Instagram photos or videos using PC

If you don’t want to download Instagram photos using the chrome extension above, you’re in luck, there’s another way to pull this off without breaking a sweat, no need to install anything.

Simply head over to and enter the URL of the Instagram photo you’re trying to download.

Here’s how to find the link to insert into download gram.

copy instagram link for download gram

Ignoring the download button set by the extension we mentioned above, follow the arrow for a dropdown and copy link to an Instagram post, paste in Download Gram to get a download link.

Get your download link and save directly to PC.

It’s that simple to download Instagram images. There are so many other ways, if you’re not aware of this Instagram downloader app for Android, install it and use it on to get those photos and videos you want to be downloaded to your mobile phone as well.

And as usual, if you’re having any trouble using any of these methods, please use the comment form, we’ll see how we can assist.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to use tech, we have quite the collection in our How-to section 🙂

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