Demon Slayer: How Old Is Nezuko? (Age, Height, Birthday)

Demon Slayer: How Old Is Nezuko?

Demon Slayer has been on a roll ever since the anime made its debut back in 2019. With the new season featuring both the mugen train and the entertainment district arcs, we sure got to see a lot of Nezuko, the character who easily beats the protagonist tanjiro in terms of popularity.

Despite being a demon and having no voice lines to her name, she’s adorable to no end and the brother-sister duo brings forth a bond we’ve never seen before.

So today, we thought it’d be a great idea to know more about this little demon-human that was the star of the show during the latter half of the recent season since curiosity is something that keeps us fans alive after all.

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How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer?

I’m pretty sure the first question that popped up in our head ever since that tragic first episode went down was ‘how old is this girl?’ But to add fuel to the fire, the anime hasn’t helped much at all, with the girl being able to minimize and maximize at will, something that proves to be quite handy down the road.

So, to answer that question, we’ll have some explaining to do since when it comes to these ‘mix breeds’, you know things aren’t as simple as they look. We’ve seen how demons and aging go so well together, Kibutsuji Muzan being the perfect example of having that youthful pop star look.

The same holds true in Nezuko’s case with her chronological age being different from her physical age. Being 12 years old physically but 14 years old chronologically, anyone who’s not a demon slayer fan would have a hard time coming to terms with this information.

But for us Nezuko fans, it’s something we foresaw a long time ago and I’m pretty sure none of us smashed the floor with our jaws after reading that.

Demon Slayer: How Old Is Nezuko?

How tall is Nezuko?

Again, it’s not bad to wish to know all there is to the characters we love with all our hearts. Despite the ability to control her size at will, something that was mentioned not that long ago, Nezuko’s height comes out to be 5 feet, 153 cm to be exact.

I mean that’s why Tanjiro can fit her in that box and carry her around in the first place, no? With more height comes more weight and with more weight comes an increased risk of breaking that box and basking to your death. Ain’t that, right?

When is Nezuko’s birthday?

Here comes the most important question, the one that each and every one of us has been waiting for all this while. Just when is Nezuko’s birthday? We’d love to spam cute Nezuko pictures on Twitter that day! Hell, let’s just get Nezuko trending that day!

Born when the winter hits us in full swing, Nezuko’s date of birth is the 28th of December, right after Christmas.

I mean when we’re first introduced to the Kamado family, we see a lot of snow. So I guess, the winter season sort of goes hand in hand when it comes to our favorite family in the anime.

Being the only family left for each other, one might think that birthday celebrations won’t be a thing for these siblings who have had a tragic past but when you’ve got zenitsu and inosuke in the house, I’m pretty damn sure that birthday parties are going to be as wild as they get.

Hopefully, we’ll get a filler episode showing something similar soon enough since that’d make anyone’s day for sure.

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