How to Check Instagram Private Accounts (The Best Tools)

tools to check private instagram account

Looking for the best tools to check Instagram private tools with ease? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ve listed both free and paid tools to help you gain access to profiles that are not available to the public.

We’ve all had times when we wanted to check the content on someone’s account on Instagram, but we can’t because it’s a private account. This means before you can gain access, you need to follow the owner of the account and wait for the person to approve your request.

To be fair, It’s their account, and they can make it private if they want to. However, some people would still love to view the contents on these accounts. It’s not really stalking, it’s not so creepy, and it’s not illegal (I guess). It’s just what it is.

Thankfully, there are tools and apps that allow you to check Instagram private accounts even without the approval of the account owner, and we will share them with you in this article.

Before we move on, you should know that the best way to view a private account is to follow the account and wait for the owner’s approval. At least this way you don’t feel like a creep or stalker.

But for those who don’t want to do this, and you don’t mind feeling like a stalker or creep, let’s take at these tools that’ll allow you to check private accounts on Instagram.

Best Tools For Checking Private Accounts On Instagram

Below is a list of apps and websites that’ll allow you to view private Instagram accounts and some even allow you to download the content on the account.

1. PrivateInsta

Just like the name entails, PrivateInsta is a website that allows you to view any private Instagram account without having to follow the account. You can have access to all the contents on the account through this site just by inserting the username of the account in the text box and clicking on the “View Private Profile” button.

2. mSpy

mSpy was designed to monitor all activities on a client or target device and for the purpose of this article, it might be a bit overkill. Because not only do you gain access to the Instagram account of the target device, but you also have access to all other social media apps, call logs, messages, and every other activity being carried out on the phone.

Now, this might be considered stalking or creepy because you’re basically prying into the life of someone. However, it’s on this list because it can give you access to a private Instagram account.

Also, there’s the challenge of you having to install it on the target’s device which might be impossible unless you have a close relationship with the person.

3. Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer basically allows you to view and download pictures and videos from a private Instagram account for free. Just so you know, this one basically says “Instagram Stalker” on the homepage.

To gain access to the contents of a private account, You just need to insert the username of the account into the search box and click on search. You can view and download the contents of any account as you wish.

4. Likecreeper

Just like the name entails, this Likecreeper allows you to creep into the private Insta accounts without having to follow them. You just need to visit their website and enter the username of the account owner, then click on view profile. You can also download the contents of the account.

5. Instagram ++

Instagram ++ has a lot of cool features that the normal Instagram app doesn’t offer. It’s like Instagram, but with superpowers. You just need to log into your account on this app, and then you’ll get access to every account you want to view.

You can also view stories without your name showing on the list of viewers, you can download videos and pictures directly onto your device, download any story you like, and do much other cool stuff. However, this app is not available on the play store or on any other app store, but it can be downloaded from Google.

6. SpyHuman

This is an app designed for Android devices to spy on other android devices. You get access to all the content on the target device. This app is mostly used by families to monitor the activities on the phone of their underaged kids.

You can view all the Instagram posts, videos, reels, and everything you wish to view with this app. However, you have to install it on the target’s device before you can gain access to the contents on their phones, and this app comes with a subscription.

7. Glassagram

Glassagram allows you to view the contents of a private Instagram account like reels, videos, tagged posts, etc. You can look through any account without having to follow the account owner. However, Glassagram comes with a subscription plan.

8. Instalooker

Instalooker gives you access to any private account you wish to view by just inserting the username of the account owner in the text box, and proceeding to view the account. Also, you can download the pictures and videos from the account as you wish. You just need to complete a few surveys and that’s all.

9. KidsGuard Pro

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KidsGuard Pro is an Android app designed to monitor or spy on someone’s location, phone activities, social media activities, etc. It was designed with people who want to track the activities of their loved ones in mind.

With this app, you can gain access to not just the Instagram account of the target, but all other social media apps as well.

10. InstaRipper

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InstaRipper gives you access to accounts you wish to view but can’t. It’s basically a tool designed to hack into other Instagram accounts without the account owner having any idea. It’s also very useful in recovering lost accounts or passwords. But be careful, because with this app, you can be addressed as both a hacker and a creep.

11. IG Lookup

Even without having an account on Instagram, you can gain access to the content on any private Instagram account you wish to view. You just need to download the app or go to the website and insert the username of the private account you wish to view.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now on our best tools to view a private Instagram account. These tools will definitely give you access to the accounts you wish to view.

However, just like we stated earlier in this article, the best way to gain access or to view a private account is to send a follow request and get approval from the account owner. This way, it doesn’t feel creepy, and you won’t be tagged a stalker.

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