How to Change Nickname, Age, and Profile Picture on Discord

How to Change Nickname, Age, and Profile Picture on Discord

You’re not locked into the options or elements of your Profile that you can customize when you first make your Discord account, you’re free to change basically all of them whenever you wish.

These include your Nickname on a Server, your Age, and your Profile Picture.

Sometimes you might want to spice things up with either a new nickname or add a new DP, heck even update your age details on Discord, We’ll run through how to alter all of these below and get your profile ready or the amazing place that’s Discord.

Changing Nickname In Discord

We’ll start with your Server Nickname. This is different from your Username, which is your universal name to all Discord users. Server Nicknames are only seen when you post messages or are active in some form in a particular Server.

By default, your username will be displayed/is what you are seen as in every Server unless you set a Nickname.

To change your Nickname, select a Server from the ones available on your Server Sidebar.

Click on the Server name in the top left corner to open the drop-down list, and select the option “Edit Server Profile”.

Changing Nickname In Discord

Alternatively, select your profile from the list of Server members on the right-hand side and select “Edit Server Profile” here instead.

Changing Nickname In Discord

In the Dialogue Box that opens, type in your desired Nickname and select “Save”. If you have Discord Nitro, you can also set a unique “Avatar” picture bespoke to different Servers that can be changed here as well.

How to change discord nickname

It should be noted that in some Servers, permissions can be set by the Server owners where Nicknames either cannot be set or can potentially be changed by other members of the Server with the roles/permissions to do so.

How to Change Age In Discord

While changing your age is technically possible on your Discord account, it requires a bit more work and isn’t something that can be done through the app itself like most of the other features.

The first thing you’ll need to do if you wish to change your age on your account is to submit a request to Discord using their support features. You can do this using the link here:

In the box that says “What can we help you with?” click on it to open the dropdown list and select “Trust & Safety”.

Next, enter the email address that’s associated with your Discord account in the “Your email address” dialogue box.

In the “How can we help?” box, select “Appeals, age update, other questions” from the drop-down list.

The “Appeals, age update, other questions” box should now appear. In this drop down list, select the option “Update my age information” and fill in your date of birth in the format of (DD/MM/YYYY).

Change Age In Discord

Check the box that states you have “attached the required materials”.

You’ll also need to include a Subject line. Something along the lines of “Update Age Info” should be fine.

In the “Description” dialogue box, give a brief overview of your issue so the Discord staff knows how to resolve it. You can see our example in the image below.

In the “Attachments” box below “Description”, you can use this to attach a photo of yourself holding some form of photo ID that has your date of birth on it. Discord may accept your application to change your age without this, but this will guarantee your request gets approved.

Change Age In Discord

To upload a photo, simply click on the “Add file” and select the file or drag and drop the file into the dialogue box.

Finally, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

How to Change Discord Profile Picture

To change your profile picture, click on the “User Settings” (Gear Icon) option next to your profile name in the bottom left corner.

How to Change Discord Profile Picture

In the “User Settings” options on the left, select the option “User profile”.

On this page, select your profile picture above your Username. When hovering over your picture, the words “Change Avatar” will appear.

How to Change Discord Profile Picture

In the “Select Image” box that opens, click on the “Upload File” option and choose the new file you want as your new profile picture.

How to Change Discord Profile Picture

If you have Discord Nitro, you can have an animated/GIF profile picture by selecting the option on the right.

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