10 Best SNES Emulators for Android 

best snes emulators for Android

Are you looking for a way to play retro games on your Andriod smartphone? If yes, you can use a SNES Emulator because it enables mobile devices to run older games from the super Nintendo entertainment system (SNES).

Since there are loads of emulators on Google Playstore, finding a good one might take time. Luckily this list will show you some of the best SNES Emulators for Android you can download and start using right away.

What Are The Best SNES Emulators for Android?

While most of them are free, some are paid but cheap, so cheap you can actually buy more than one. Here are some of the top SNES Emulator you should install in 2020.

1. Snes9x Ex+

best snes emulators for Android

Snes9x EX+
Snes9x EX+
Developer: Robert Broglia
Price: Free

Snes9x Ex+ is one of the top SNES Emulators for Android devices. Since its launch on  Google Playstore, it has attracted millions of downloads. Thanks to the following features, the game boasts of a 4.4 rating on the website.

It has an option that allows users to control the audio of the game, especially during fast forward. Besides, it has a performance mode for preventing drooped frames.

The Snes9x Ex+ Emulator is free and has a  simple interface. It also consumes little space on your device.

2. Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator)

Developer: Nostalgia Emulators
Price: Free

Nostalgia. NES is also one of the popular Andriod SNES emulators on Google Playstore. Even if it free to use, it has offers some of the best features for playing retro games on your smartphone.

For instance, it allows users to take screenshots of their favorite retro games. Also, players can rewind an ongoing game to a previous stage. You will even share saved games with your friends.

This SNES emulator includes a simple interface. Moreover, it enables you to use a customizable controller.

3. SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)

SuperRetro16 is also one of the best SNES Emulators on Google Playstore. It has a rating of 3.5, which makes it ideal for your Android device.

Users of SuperRetro16 have access to lots of cheat codes. Besides, the app offers walkthroughs for your favorite retro game.  You can use SuperRetro 16 with your Bluetooth controller.  Also, the app offers cover art for any of your installed games.

Like most games on our list, you can use SuperRetro16  for free. But to enjoy the full version, you will have to pay for upgrades.

4. SnesEmu Retro Emulator Game Classic Retro 6

FC Emulator - Retro Games
FC Emulator - Retro Games
Developer: BILOG Studio
Price: Free

Are you looking for the best SNES emulators in 2020? Well, SnesEmu Retro Emulator is an ideal option for an Andriod device. Compared to other Andriod SNES emulators, it has fewer features. However, it remains one of the coolest SNES emulators that you can find.

First, it allows users to add more games to their collections. Also, it provides eight slots for saving/loading ongoing game. Moreover, it scans your storage for .smc files.

5. SNESDroid

Developer: Halsafar
Price: Free

With about a million downloads from Google Playstore, this app is also seen as a good emulator for Andriod devices. Unlike some emulators, SNESDroid can support up to 5 gamepads. It also allows the use of cheat files on your handheld.

Other features on this game include shaders, autosave, and fast forward. Players can even use real-time rewind to revisit previous parts of ongoing competitions.

SNESDriod is easy to use and does not require any payment. Besides, it will not consume much space from your Android device.

6. John NESS

john ness best android emulators for snes

Developer: John emulators
Price: Free

John NESS is one of the latest Andriod SNES emulators on Google Playstore. Within a short time, it has gathered many positive reviews on the distribution website.

The app has a decent layout that makes it ideal for first-timers. Moreover, it offers a virtual keypad with customizable keys.

Cheats can run on the John Ness Emulator. Also, the emulator supports screenshots and Bluetooth controllers. However, it has ads that might ruin your experience.

7. Retro8 (NES Emulator)

Retro8 (NES Emulator)
Retro8 (NES Emulator)
Developer: Neutron Emulation
Price: $1.99

If you prefer paying for Andriod SNES emulators, check out Retro8. It comes with a price tag that allows you to enjoy tons of features.

The app allows cheat codes and is compatible with Bluetooth controllers. It is also perfect for beginners, as it is easy to use.

Retro8 also includes in-game walkthroughs and guides. Besides, it offers a turbo mode for fast-forwarding games. Users can also customize the onscreen controls via a layout editor. Overall, it is one of the best SNES emulators for Andriod.

8. 64in1Nes Classic

64in1 Nes Classic
64in1 Nes Classic

Developed by NewApp Developers, this app is one of the best SNES Andriod Emulators. It has few features, but it meets the needs of most gamers.

For instance, it has buttons that you can customize while boasting of a save feature. You can also install new games by using ROMs. However, it includes some adware that might annoy you.

9. EmuBox – Fast N.D.S. Emulator

best snes emulators for android

EmuBox - All in one emulator
EmuBox - All in one emulator
Developer: EmuBox JSC
Price: Free

EmuBox – Fast N.D.S. Emulator is one of the top Android SNES emulators. However, it also acts as a PSX emulator, GBA emulator and GBC emulator.  It also has up to 20 slots for saving and loading games. You can also play the featured games with Bluetooth controllers.

Ads are some of the tiring aspects of the app. Even if you try to close them, they will pop up on the screen. But since  EmuBox is free, you might ignore this problem.

10. The Kurono S.N.E.S – Classic Emulator

Are you still looking for the best Andriod SNES emulators for your device? Try downloading the Kurono SNES. Classic Emulator from the Google Playstore.

There are many reasons why you should consider this app. First, it allows quick saving and loading of games. It also enables users to fast forward games and customize layouts.

The emulator is free but offers ads. However, it remains one of the best ways to play your favorite retro games on Andriod devices.

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