10 Best Ringtone Apps For Android and iOS (Zedge Alternatives)

Zedge is one of the top apps for downloading beautiful wallpapers and amazing ringtones to your mobile device. With this app, you have access to loads of ringtones and alarm sounds for free.

You can also get customized tones for holidays and special occasions. In addition to all of this, it also recommends sounds based on your location.

But there are also other apps like Zedge that have similar features. Luckily, you can use these apps to pick beautiful tones for your Android or iOS device. Now here are some of the best ringtone apps you can use in 2021.

What are the best ringtone apps like Zedge?

Here’s a list of the best ringtone apps for Android and iOS smartphones in 2021. Most of them are free.

1. Free Ringtone for Andriod

[youtube v=”ip3BiNyFUIw”]

With millions of downloads from Google Playstore, Free Ringtone for Andriod stands as one of the popular choices for people looking for apps like Zedge. With this app, you can easily download and install hundreds of ringtones. Since these sounds are grouped into categories, you can find them quickly.

You can use this ringtone app for free. But you will have to watch some ads before you can download some of the featured ringtones.

2. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

If you prefer making ringtones from your favorite song, you should install this app. After all, the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Player allow you to take parts of music files and convert them to ringtone or alarm tones.

The app works with various file formats such as mp3, m4a, FLAC, Ogg, and .wav files. Also, it has an in-house browser that allows you to find songs quickly. Overall, it is one of the best ringtone apps for Android devices.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

3. Animal: Ringtones

Unlike most apps on our list, Animal: Ringtones does not offer regular sounds. Instead, it has ringtones made from animal sounds. Let’s say you want to hear crows as your notification tone; this app will allow you to experience this easily.

There are tons of animal, insect, and bird sounds that are present on this app. Moreover, Animal: Ringtones also provides fun facts about each of the featured creatures.

You can use the app for free, but it comes with some ads. But it remains one of the best ringtone apps in 2020.

Animals Ringtones
Animals Ringtones
Developer: Dream_Studio
Price: Free

4. Old Telephone Ringtones

[youtube v=”PEfB_ZeAgz4″]

Old Telephone Ringtones is an app for people who love the sound of older or vintage telephones. Here you can choose from a selection of retro-inspired ringtones and use them for notifications. For easy access, you can set a widget button for picking any of the sounds. Because of these features, it has become one of the best ringtone apps for Andriod smartphones.

5. Bird Calls, Sounds, and Ringtones

Do you love the sounds of birds on your device? Well, this app sounds from 150 wild and domestic birds. It even has a timer that sets the duration of the selected ringtone. If you also like bird images, the app has tons of wallpapers that you can display on your device screen.

For folks looking for the best apps like Zedge to install on their device and coincidently happened to be a fan of nature sound, this is the best Zedge alternative to go for.

6. Ringtone for iPhone

Ringtone for iPhone is one of the best ringtone apps for iOS devices. With a 4.5 rating, it has enough features that will make you get the best ringtones for your iPhone or iPad.

As expected, the app has a huge collection of ringtones. If you prefer using clips from your favorite song, the app has options for using parts of the music as notification tunes. You can also record your and store favorite sounds via the app.

Before enjoying the full features of the app,  you will have to pay a monthly subscription. If you don’t feel like paying, you can stick with the trial version.

‎RingTune: Ringtone for iPhone
‎RingTune: Ringtone for iPhone

7. Top Funny Ringtones (iOS)

If you are interested in using amusing ringtones for your device, Top Funny Ringtones should feature on your Apple smartphone or tablet. The app has an amazing collection of funny tunes for calls, texts, and other notification alerts.

The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. But these devices will have to offer iOS 9 or the latest software updates. So if you want apps like Zedge on your smartphone, try Top Funny Ringtones.

‎RingTune: Ringtone for iPhone
‎RingTune: Ringtone for iPhone

8. Ringtone HD. Ringtone Maker

There are many great features on this app for getting top-quality ringtones. For instance, the sounds are grouped into different categories for easy browsing. Also, the files can be used without synchronizing your iTunes account.

Although the app has a rich audio library, it enables you to record sounds. Furthermore, you can enhance the sounds by adding special effects.

You can use this app for free, but a weekly payment ensures total access to all the features of the ringtone maker. Although it requires a subscription, this ringtone maker stands as one of the top ringtone apps for iOS devices.

‎Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker
‎Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker

9. Scary Ringtones (iOS)

ringtone apps like zedge for Android and iOS

Scary Ringtone is a perfect option for people who want to reflect the Halloween season. On this app, you have many horror-themed ringtones like Scary Mom, Death March, Witch, and Wolves. Since there are loud and clear, you will not miss any phone calls or texts.

As the app includes mild violence and other adult themes, it is not suitable for younger users. Also, it is larger than most of the apps on our list. If you can ignore these options, it stands as one of the best ringtone apps for iOS.

‎Scary Ringtones
‎Scary Ringtones
Developer: Magi Ent
Price: Free

10. Classic Old Phone Ringtones – Retro Vintage Sounds

Fans of ringtones on older telephones can use this iOS app to adjust the sound settings on their devices. From here, you can download many vintage-inspired tones for your text messages and phone calls. Thanks to its simple interface, the app is easy to use.

You can install the app on Apple devices with iOS 8.1 and later. It is also free, so there’s no need to worry about whipping out your credit card. But it requires up to 21Mb of the storage of your device.

We’ll constantly work on adding more worthy ringtone and wallpaper apps like Zedge to this list, if you know any or have any feedback, please let us know in the comments section.

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