10 Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria to Grow Your Money

best investment platforms

In the past few years, there has been an upsurge in ordinary Nigerians investing online. This is partly due to the convenience of investing in online platforms and because of the promise of high interest. Unfortunately, many people have fallen into the hands of online scamming platforms that promise double and even triple return on investments.

Many people can relate to the experience of MMM and its likes, where lots of people rushed in because of its high returns, without given much regard on how the platform is making money for itself.

In reality, there is no genuine online investment platform that will give double or triple on your investment, no matter what they are into.

However, currently there are lots of online investment platforms where you are sure of earning returns on your investments that is 10 or 20% higher than what you usually get from banks or conventional investment houses.

These growing online investment platforms can afford to give higher interest rates because:

  1. They leverage on technology
  2. They have few manpower
  3. They don’t need to have office building everywhere 
  4. They spend less on operational cost and paper documentation

These online investments platforms are creating opportunities for medium and low income earners to invest on every aspect of business, from bonds, stocks to forex, agriculture, commodities, oil and gas, mutual funds, treasure bills and so on; making it possible for anyone to build a secure asset for the future.

What are the best investment platforms to look consider in Nigeria?

Here’s a list of the top ten online investment platforms that gives high return on investment.

1. Trove App

trove app investment platforms

How would you like to own Chinese and US stocks? This app can help you do that. Of course I don’t need to mention you can also use it to buy Nigerian stocks.

The platform is solely owned by Trove Technologies Limited, but they partner with several top investment companies like ARM Investment Managers, who manages their portfolios, US – traded securities provides brokerage services and Sigma Securities Ltd, provides Nigeria account traded securities, amongst others.

It is noteworthy that:

  • Trove is however not a registered broker-dealer or investment adviser
  • All investment on their platform is at the risk of the investor.

Kinds of investment Trove offers:

The platform offers a variety of global stocks, bonds and mutual funds numbering over 4,000. These assets are listed in US and Nigeria stock exchange. Some of which are Chinese companies like Alibaba, US companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Nigerian Jumia and Dangote Cement etc. There are also Indian and European companies. All listed on NSE, NASDAQ, NYSE and NSE.

And with just N1,000 or $10 you can start trading on local or foreign assets and begin your investment journey into a wealthy future.

Trove Features

  • You can link your debit card to the app and automate your investment
  • You can invest in over 4,000 stocks (foreign and local)
  • Your money is ensured
  • You can own fractional shares of 0.0001% of any stock, thereby allowing you to build a diversified portfolio with smaller amounts of money
  • They don’t give dividend from fractional money or fractional shares that is very low
  • They don’t give investment advice
  • Trove provides analyst reports and other information on stocks on their platform
  • They charge various deposit and trading fees

If you want to learn how to trade on stocks, bonds and other securities yourself, Trove is a very good platform to start with as they offer you analyst tools to help you understand the market and a risk factor to enable you minimize your risk of losing money.

2. Bamboo

invest bamboo best investment apps

This is another platform that allows you to invest in local and foreign stocks. Bamboo has been launched in Nigeria and it is well recognized as a secure and easy to use investment app.

This platform offers the opportunity to fund your account in Naira or Dollars and start buying shares. There is also the option of buying into a bundle of stocks called ETF, to diversify your holdings.

Client’s accounts are protected by Nigeria and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Their US partner is a registered member of the US SIPC, which insures user’s account up to $500,000.

Invest Bamboo Features

  • The app has an intuitive design that is very ease for newbies
  • You can get access to over 3000 US and Nigerian stocks
  • They are protected by NG and US Sec
  • Corporations and institutions can use them
  • User’s account is insured up to $500,000
  • $20 is the minimum investment

3. Investment One

investment obe by gtbank

Investment One was formally GTB Asset Management Limited. They offer top investment and financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

Their financial products are as follows:

I. Fund Management

They manage an array of investment products and mutual funds that are suitable for high net-worth individuals, retail investors and institutions.

The funds are as follows:

  • Abacus Money Market Fund: this fund is suitable for anyone who wants to safeguard their capital and gain quick returns. N1000 is the minimum subscription to this fund.
  • Vantage Balanced Fund (VBFUND): the assets categories of this fund are Real Estate, Money Market, Equities and Fixed income. Anyone who wants to maintain a regular income by investing in a mixed mutual fund that offers maximum long term capital growth can go for this fund. N10,000 is the minimum subscription, but you can add investments in multiples of N1,000.
  • Vantage Guaranteed Income Fund (VGIF): the aim of this money market fund is to supply a steady flow on guaranteed income. N50,000 is the minimum subscription, but you can add investment in multiples of N5,000.   
  • Vantage Equity Income Fund (VEIF): this equity fund is suitable for those looking for long term investment growth and a stream of income. What the fund invests in is high-quality equity which pay regular dividend. N50,000 is the minimum subscription and 180 days is the minimum holding period.
  • Vantage Dollar Fund (VDF): this is for investor looking to invest in Nigerian Originated Dollar Denominated assets. It has a minimum of $1,000 one time investment.           

II. StockBroking

Investment one is registered with The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as fixed income market maker and broker/dealer.

They carry out lots of services, some of which are:

  • Share Registrations
  • Transmission of Shares
  • Dividend Management
  • Purchase and sale of debit instruments issued by third-parties
  • Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) related issues and many more. 

III. Pension Fund Management

Investment one is licensed by the National Pension Commission to provide pensions administration products such as:

  • Employee in-house pension schemes
  • Retirement savings account
  • Voluntary contribution

IV. Trust Services

Investment one handles Estate planning and Trust services for its clients such as:

  • Executorships services
  • Trust protector services
  • Escrow services
  • Title custody services

V. Investment Banking Services

Investment one offers an innovative investment banking service suitable for investors seeking to invest capital to high-performance investment in Nigeria and Africa.

These services include:

  • Venture capital management
  • Private banking
  • Capital management


  • Their investment rate varies depending on the kind of investment
  • You can use USSD to access their service
  • Their platform is easy to use
  • The platform is run by a trusted and secure financial institution so you are sure of the security of your investment.

4. AXA Mansard Money Market

axa mansard money market

This platform is basically a pool of funds from investors with similar goals. Their combine investment is invested in high healing money marketing instruments and they give their customers competitive returns on investment.

The instruments invested in are:

  • Treasury bills
  • Fixed deposits
  • Commercial papers

Axa Mansard Money Market Features

  • It offers 3.08% per annum
  • You can easily track your investment
  • It offers refer bonus
  • You can make transfer to their account using direct, online, POS and USSD
  • Minimum investment amount of N2,000
  • Minimum additional investment amount of N1,000
  • You can liquidate your funds any time on any business day
  • Minimum amount for Equity fund is N10,000

In order to register on this platform, you will need several documents such as government-issued identification, a current utility bill to confirm your address, signature, and passport photo. You can do the registration online or at any of their welcome centers.

AXA Mansard mutual funds only allow Naira investment. However, if you want to invest in US Treasuries or Eurobonds, they accept the use of US Dollars.

With this platform, you can start gaining interest on your funds within 24 hours of payment. If you wish to leave your funds long term like a year, you will receive dividends on your fund.

5. I-invest

i-invest investing platforms

The platform is a partnership of Sterling Bank and a Parthian Partner Ltd. The aim of this platform is to encourage investment culture amongst low and middle class individuals. To achieve this, they provide fast, secure and convenient access to investment products. 

Their products are:

  • Treasury Bills
  • Eurobonds
  • Equities

I-invest Features

  • Their interest rate is between 8 – 11%
  • Equity can be bought anytime but processing will be done between 10am and 2:30pm only on business days
  • Eurobonds can only be funded with dollars
  • Treasury bill investment can only be terminated after 30 days from the date of purchase
  • The minimum investment amount for treasury bill is N50,000
  • Eurobonds has a minimum investment of $1,000

With I-invest, it is possible to track diverse investment portfolios, save and earn attractive interest rates.

6. Cowrywise


With cowrywise investment platform, you can plan your future by creating investment plans in a simple and convenient way.  This platform offers an inbuilt performance tracking system that enables you visualize the result of you investment.

Although Cowrywise also offer several good saving products, their main investment product is mutual funds. And it is open for anybody to invest any amount.

One unique thing about Cowrywise is that before you start investing with them, you have to take a risk assessment test; this is to help them suggest funds suitable for you to invest in.

They types of mutual funds they have for offer are:

  • Equity funds: They invest your money in carefully selected top rated company’s shares
  • Fixed-income funds: These are low-risk investments like government debts
  • Balanced funds: These are mixtures of various funds.

Cowrywise Features

  • The investment is automated
  • They offer free advisory service
  • There are no SMS fees and account maintenance fees
  • The interest rate depends on the type of instrument invested in, but it is usually higher than that of banks.
  • They offer mutual funds in Naira and Dollar

You should note that Cowrywise is not a brokerage firm, so they rely on their partners which are licensed broker/dealer to carry out transactions and manage the mutual funds. For this reason, a little management fee is required for the fund managers. But no need to worry, the fee is deducted from the interest you earn and it is visibly indicated on the details of each fund.

Another fee you have to pay went investing in mutual funds with Cowrywise is processing fee. Usually, mutual funds have a transfer cost of N100 or N52.5. If you were to buy mutual funds from securities exchange yourself, it will be tedious following up fund manager to inform them of your payment. But with Cowerywise seamless processing, this little fee is simple added when you buy a fund.

7. PiggyVest


PiggyVest offers a save, flexible and convenience investment plan. With it you can grow your money steadily. Their main investment plan is called Investify. This is apart from their varieties of high returns saving option.

With Investify, you can invest in low-medium risk financial instruments like commercial papers, sovereign bonds, treasury bills, Eurobonds, corporate bonds and equities. Their investment is done primarily, that is directly investing the customer’s funds, or secondarily, that is through a middleman like brokerage firms.

However, all investment opportunities are pre-vetted to ensure utmost safety of customer’s investment.   

Piggyvest Features

  • The investment is insured
  • Return on investment is up to 25%
  • The type of investment you choose determines how much to invest
  • Interest is paid into your PiggyFlex account, daily, monthly, quarterly and at the end of the investment period.
  • You don’t pay tax on your investment
  • It is possible to end your investment at any point in time. To do this you have to trade your units to other investors.

One of the investments partners of PiggyVest is Thrive Agric, a top agricultural tech. Usually, investing in Thrive Agric requires a minimum of N85,000 single payment, and many low income earners who would love to invest in Thrive Agric can definitely not afford this. 

But now, with PiggyVest Investify, you can invest in Thrive Agric with as low as N10,000 and gain up to 20% interest in 9 months. Of course agriculture is one of the most lucrative form of investment with good return on investment.

8. Wealth.NG


Like other investment platform, it offers investments in various instruments like Treasury Bills and Stocks, primarily in the Nigeria stock market, but foreign stocks are also available. However, unlike the forgoing investment platforms, they also provide investment in Agric-Finance Products.

Wealth.NG Financial Products

  • Gift:  This allows you to buy investment products like Treasury bills and Stocks as gifts to friends and relatives, even if they are not registered on Wealth.NG
  • Fixed income: These are securities like Treasury bill and bonds. It gives yearly interest rate and on maturity you get your principle investment back.
  • Stocks: You can buy highly rated stocks in various countries. These stocks have potential for high growth with long term value
  • Agric-financing: With this you can get a share of the lucrative agricultural sector which gives one of the higher returns on investment.
  • Real Estate: This investment offers the opportunity to invest with others in a collective fund, to buy properties and earn high returns on investment. The good thing about this is you earn returns on rent, and it increases as the property appreciates.

Wealth.ng Features

  • Currently there is no fees attached to usage of Wealth.ng and your investment
  • You can get up to 14% on your fixed income investment
  • Agriculture investment is up to 22%
  • Real Estate offer 18.7%
  • On stock 15%
  • You can withdraw you money any time and there is no liquidation fees
  • The longer you leave your investment, the more interest you will receive
  • Interest on investment accrue daily on your portfolio
  • Minimum subscription in bonds is N100,000
  • They have a referral bonus plan

On wealth.ng platform, you can choose to manage your investment yourself, this means that you just register on the platform, and right from the dashboard, you choose from the wide range of investment option available for the day.

You can actually buy as many stocks as you want. All the transactions happen right in platform and you will and you will receive the stocks you pay for immediate, which will be visible in your portfolio.

You also have the option of funding your account and allowing Wealth.ng automated investment purchase the stocks for you.

9. PayDay Investor

payday investor

PayDay Investor has been around since 2015 and it was developed by ARM group. This platform offers a cool way to invest your funds automatically daily, weekly or monthly. Basically, you can set investment goals and relax while PayDay helps you achieve it.  

PayDay’s primary investment is on mutual funds and you get good return on your investment.

PayDay Investor Features

  • With N1,000 you can start investing
  • You can liquidate your funds any time
  • You can withdraw any amount any time without penalties
  • You can invest with friends and family toward a group goal
  • Your dividends are not taxed
  • You can earn an interest of 10 – 15% annually
  • You can track your investment daily

One unique thing about PayDay investor is that your friends can top up your account for you by logging on the app, entering your PayDay goal ID, fill the form and do the funds transfer. 

10. Afrinvest (West Africa) Ltd.


The platform is into investment banking with a view of providing the West African investment market with adequate investment in diverse financial instruments and services.

Through their subsidiary, Afrivest Securities, they are licensed by the Nigerian SEC, as broker/dealer. They also have authority from the Nigerian Stock Exchange to perform as dealing member. 

Their various products are:

  1. Afrinvest Dollar Funds
  2. AfriTrack
  3. Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Savings Bond
  4. Treasury bills
  5. Afrinvest Plutus Fund
  6. Afrinvest Equity Fund (AEF)
  7. Target Project Plan (TPP)
  8. Afrinvest Income Portfolio (AIP)

Afrinvest Features

  • $100 per unit is the issue price
  • 10 units ($1,000) is the minimum initial subscription
  • Interest is paid twice a year
  • Return on investment is 6 – 7.5% per annum
  • Minimum subscription of N5,000 and a maximum of N50 million.
  • Afrinvest offers a N100,000 minimum investment on Treasury bills
  • You can sell your Treasury Bills before maturity
  • Maturity date of Treasury Bills is between 1 – 362 days
  • Offers diversification in its portfolio selection minimizing risk
  • Minimum initial subscription of Equity Fund is N50,000 with subsequent multiples of N10,000
  • Lock-in period for Target Plan is 3 months.
  • Minimum investment sum for Target Plan is N50,000.
  • Early withdrawal of Target Plan will attract a charge of 20% on accumulated interest.
  • Afrinvest Income Portfolio enables the investor to benefit from superior rates whilst still maintaining a liquid position.
  • Principal + interest is paid back within 24 hours of maturity

Afrivest West African is one of the top investment platforms with an array of product to suit your investment need. Investing with them is secure and they offer high interest. However, some of their investment rates are high in comparison with other investment platforms like cowryvest and piggyvest.

Rounding up

It is noteworthy to mention that all the forgoing investment platforms have several investment options in common, like Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Stocks. And their interest rates are not much different.

So the question is how do you choose which one is best suitable for you? To answer this question, you much first consider that regardless of how easy it seems to invest in all these financial products, you need to actually understand what these products really are and how they function. And to do this, you need financial advice from an expert.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is they are still the same old investment instruments that have been available for decades, and the major reason many people were not investing in it was because of its’ seeming complexity. What technology has just done is demystify it, make it more convenient and easy to register and invest. And because the fintech platforms spend less on overhead cost, they can afford to give more Return on Investment. 

So, I give more credit to platforms that give consideration to educating their customers on these financial instruments. However, as an investor, you have to consider the purpose of your investment, the turner, type and rate. Then seek advice from a financial expert.

Another thing to note is that investment is for the future. Of course this means it is meant to be a long term process. Invariable if you want to build wealth from investing in these platforms, you have to start early and let your investment mature in time.

But of course, it wouldn’t be bad to consider a high yielding Return on Investment platform like Wealth.ng, which is one of the fee investment platforms out there that has investment product for agriculture and real estate. No thought, there 22% ROI for their agriculture investment product is mouth watering. But of course there is Piggyvest with 25% ROI, you just can’t ignore that.

Therefore, don’t just consider the high return on investment when you want to invest. Knowing where you are heading to and the terrain before you start the journey is equally very important.

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