10 Best HMO Services With Affordable Health Care Plans

best hmo services with affordable healthcare plans in Nigeria

We often say health is wealth but funny enough, you need wealth to get a good health. To put it more appropriately, when you are ill, you need money to buy good healthcare for you to recover fast. We all know good things don’t come cheap, ergo good healthcare can be costly.

It’s a well-known fact that Nigeria is amongst the top countries in the world that engage in medical tourism. Naturally, it is the rich people that can afford to fly overseas for medical checkup and treatment of any illness. Of course, we all know the state of our health care in Nigeria.  

But ever so, there are still some good private hospitals in Nigeria where you can get good medical service. However, it is still very expensive to get treatment from such hospitals.

So does this mean only the rich can access good healthcare? Well, no. This is because the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which started operation in 2004, has led to the establishment of HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations).

What are HMOs?

HMO which stands for (Health Maintenance Organization) is a private or public company which is registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to provide health care insurance to individual or companies. All the health care facilities they use are duly accredited by NHIS.

Why HMOs are important

With the rising cost of the standard of living in Nigeria, it is very important to plan for the future and the unexpected. Of course falling ill is one thing we have little or no control over.

Therefore, by registering yourself, members of your family, or staff of your organization with an HMO, you can put a certain amount of money aside monthly, quarterly or annually, for a specified healthcare plan.

These healthcare plans are categorized by the benefit they offer. Different HMOs have different plans and cost. So in other to help you chose a suitable HOM with a healthcare plan that is just right for you, your family or your staff, here are 10 of the top HMOs in Nigeria.   

1. Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO is a technology driven health insurance company that uses software, data science and telemedicine to offer affordable health care service that is easy to access. 

This HMO has flexible health plans that are suitable for different kinds of people, even for physically challenged people.

There three health plans are:

  • You and your family
  • Your parents
  • Your business

Two of their notable individual plans are:

1. Red Beryl Individual

This plan offers access to N1.2 million a year combined medical cover for one person, for a monthly payment of N3,500 per month.

2. Alexandrite Individual

With this plan you can access N1.8 million worth of medical cover and N300,000 for 14 different surgeries yearly. You have access to 889 hospitals around Nigeria amongst other benefits.

So far Reliance HMO has been getting good reviews from their subscribers. They even have referral program where you can benefit financially from introducing people to sign up to their health insurance service.

2. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO best hmo services in nigeria

Their health care insurance service is quite comprehensive, in that it caters for individuals, families, SMEs and big corporations.

They offer professional health care services that are specially design to cover varieties of health challenges  in the best possible way and affordable too.

Their three main health plan are:

  • Personal plans (this covers you, your family or parents)
  • SME plans
  • Corporate plane

In order to meet the health demand and affordability of each client, each of these three plans are further divided into several categories which are tailored to suit your need.

  1. For the personal plan, you can get health care service of up to N500,000
  2. The SME plan offers health care coverage up to N1 million
  3. The corporate plan covers mortuary services of up to N250,000 and a global refundable maternity limit of up to N350,000.

Hygeia HMO has been around for a long time and they have won several awards for their excellent service.

3. AXA Mansard HMO

AXA Mansard HMO best hmo services in Nigeria

AXA Mansard is a highly reputable insurance company that has diverse products which ranges from finance to health service. Their HMO has a wide range of healthcare plan designed to be flexible, easy to access, of high quality and affordable.

The categories of their healthcare plan are as follows:

  • Retail health plans: This plan has 5 categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus). With it you can get healthcare service in Nigeria and India for individual. Minimum yearly subscription is N49,800 for Bronze and maximum of N489,600 for Platinum Plus.
  • Easycare: With N20,00 yearly or N12,000 for 6 months, you can subscript to this individual plan that covers only medical care in Nigeria.
  • Groups & EmployeeHealth Plans: This health plan has similar categories like the Retail health plan, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It provides access to healthcare nationwide for your workforce.
  • International Health Plan: This plan offers worldwide coverage with 11,000 hospitals around the world including USA. And there are 5 standard plans to choose from.
  • Third Party Administrator Plan: In this plan, the HMO takes over the responsibilities of managing the healthcare services of the employees of the company in accordance to a desired scope of cover.

AXA Mansard is an international company with reach in major countries all over the world. Therefore their HMO is very suitable for international business man and expatriates. 

We’re big fans of Axa Mansard’s products, they also appeared in our top lists of the best investment platforms to grow your money right here in Nigeria.

4. Integrated Health Care Limited

Integrated Health Care Limited

Having been incorporated in 2000, they have twenty years of experience in health care services. Their goal is to provide excellent customer experience, affordable and quality health care. 

They have five different health plans which are:

  • Corporate Plan: This plan is suitable for groups or organizations that have a minimum of 5 employees. It also has five corporate benefit packages designed to suit different corporate needs. The packages are Pine, Iroko, Mahogany, Teak and Marble.
  • Family/individual: This package takes into consideration that every family is unique; therefore they have two main family/individual plans that suits your family lifestyle and budget. The plans are Ebony Extra and Iroko Extra.
  • Formal sector:  This healthcare service is primarily for government institutions and private sectors with over 10 employees. It is meant to cater for the employee, a spouse and four children below 18 years.
  • TSHIP:  Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme is open to both public and private tertiary institutions. The aim of this healthcare plan is to provide quality and affordable healthcare services for students.
  • CBSHIP: Community Base Social Health Insurance Programme is for trade groups, professional bodies, associations, schools and faith-based organizations.

Integrated Health Care Limited has proved through time that they are professionals in providing unlimited access to health care services across Nigeria.  

5. Avon HMO

avon hmo

Avon HMO promises to meet the healthcare need of individuals, families, associations or corporate organization with adequate and effective medical service without the obstacle of financial constrains.

They have varieties of healthcare plan options which combine local and international healthcare services. The plans are as follows:

  • Individual Plan: With this plan individuals can get a flexible and affordable healthcare service. It has 4 packages which are Life Starter with subscription of N19,999 yearly, Life Plus N42,999 yearly, Premium Life N69,999 yearly and The Boss Life 140,999 yearly.
  • Couple Plan: This plan is very suitable for new couples as they prepare to raise a family. Subscription is N69,999 per year.
  • Family Plan: With this plan a family of six with for children under the age of 18 are cater for. It has 3 packages and they are Life Plus N171,99 annually, Premium Life N279,999 annually and The Boss Life N563,999 annually.
  • SME, Cooperative & Small Groups Plan: It has 5 packages which are Life Starter with subscription of N19,999 yearly, Couples N69,999 yearly, Life Plus N42,999 yearly, Premium Life N69,999 yearly and The Boss Life 140,999 yearly.
  • Companies, Associations & Large Groups Plan: This plan is designed for big cooperation with at least 30 employees. It has 3 packages which are Plus, Premium and Prestige. For example, with Plus you can get minor surgeries with limit of N250,000, Premium limit is N500,000 and Prestige limit is N1,000,000.
  • International Health Plan: In partnership with top healthcare providers around the world, Avon offers dedicated healthcare deliver to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Avon HMO is not being left behind in the new wave of technology as they are investing heavily in Telemedicine and other technology driven healthcare services.

6. Total Health Trust (THT)

ttt hmo

This HMO was acquired by Liberty Holdings, a South African pan-African financial service provider. They have access to a network of over 1,200 private healthcare providers worldwide and more than 500 NHIS accredited hospitals across Nigeria.  

Total Health Trust is recognized for its superior healthcare service and management team. There health care plans are:

  • Liberty Health Cover: This plan is for middle and high-level management staff in large organizations. It has 4 different packages which are Lite, Classic, Classic Critical Care, Plus Africa and Global Elite.
  • Managed Care Capitation: Employees with low to medium incomes are suited for this plan. It has 4 packages which are Silver Plus, Gold, Enhance Gold and Platinum.
  • National Health Insurance Scheme: As one of the accredited NHIS administrator of the government-sponsored health insurance scheme, which was designed to provide affordable healthcare to Nigerian, they manage healthcare service of government institutions.
  • Third Party Administration: This service is available for organizations that wish to outsource the administration of their healthcare benefits to Total Health Trust.

Total Health Trust core expertise is in providing superior healthcare service to large organizations and government institutions. They have proven track records and awards to testify to their level of expertise.

7. ALLCO Multi-Shield Nigeria Limited


This HMO’s priority is to provide good quality healthcare by continuous innovation and access to programs that are designed to promote healthy living.

The health plans of Multishield are prepared to ensure simplicity in obtaining access to a nationwide network of healthcare providers available on a 24/7 basis.

They have the following healthcare plan:

  • Covid-19 Plan: With this plan, you can get insured against contacting the Corona Virus Disease. It has a monthly subscription of N450 and N4,800 annually. Limit of liability is N100,000 and N200,000 in the event of death resulting from Covid-19.
  • Private/Corporate Plan: This plan offer 4 packages which are Standard, limit of liability N350,000,  Executive, limit of liability N500,000,  Super Executive, limit of liability N1,000,000 and Magnum, limit of liability N5,000,000.
  • Public Health Plan:  This plan has two packages. One is for the Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme which is under (NHIS). This basically for public sector such as government institutions and organized private sector. The second is Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP).  This cover is for students in tertiary institutions.

ALLCO Multi-Shield Nigeria Limited is probable the first HMO to create a plan for Covid-19, thereby living up to its claim of being innovative in its healthcare service.

8. Mediplan Health Care

Mediplan Health Care

Mediplan aims to provide unparallel professional, qualitative and affordable healthcare with efficient service delivery that meet international standard.   

Their healthcare service cover is for members of the public, private corporate organizations and public own institutions.

There health plans are:

  • All Purpose Health Plan
  • Enhanced Health Plan
  • Enhanced Health Plus Plan
  • Ultimate Health Plan
  • Super Ultimate Health Plan

The All Purpose Health Plan offers the lower limit on liability, invariable you pay less on subscription on the plan.  While Super Ultimate Health Plan has the highest limit on liability, which of course means subscription on this plan is much higher.

For example, the All Purpose Health Plan has surgical operation limit of N50,000, Enhanced is pegged at N120,000, Enhanced Plus is N150, Ultimate has a limit of N350,000 and Super Ultimate has a limit of N500,000.

9. Premier Medicaid Ltd.

Premier Medicaid Ltd.

This HMO believes that every Nigerian facilitated access to efficient effective and qualitative healthcare service at any point in time, regardless of their location.

For this reason, they have a wide network of healthcare partners all over Nigeria.

There Health Schemes are:

  • Public Sector Social Health Insurance:  This Scheme is for employees of federal and state institutions.  The employer pays 10% while the employee pays 5% of the basic salary
  • Priviate Health Insurance: This plan is for organizations in the private sector
  • Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance: This scheme is for student of tertiary institutions
  • Voluntary Contributor Social Health Insurance: This scheme give individuals or groups opportunity to contribute towards their healthcare service.
  • Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme: This plan is crafted for self employed household and it is accessible through their ward Health Organizations.

This HMO also has different sub packages for its Private Health Insurance Plans which are for corporate organizations and individual. The corporate sub package starts at Silver with N3,500 monthly or N42,000 yearly to Diamond Plus is N15,000 monthly or N180,000 yearly. In between are Gold, Platinum and Diamond plans.

Individual sub packages starts with Silver Plan of N2,5000 monthly to the Executive Plan with subscription of N15,000 monthly.  Mid-way are Glod, Platinum and Diamond Plans.

10. Princeton Health Ltd

Princeton Health Ltd

This HMO promises an affordable, quality guaranteed, and prompt healthcare service when you sign up with them. No matter your income level; they assure you that there is a healthcare plan suitable for you.

Their healthcare plans cover individuals, couple, family and executives.

These plans have 3 main packages which are:

  • Blue Plan: This has a yearly subscription for individual of N25,000 and for a family of six N136,500 yearly
  • Royal Plan: It has a yearly subscription for individual of N42,000 and for a family of six N229,300 yearly
  • Platinum: This has a yearly subscription for individual of N80,000 and for a family of six N463,750 yearly.

Princeton Health Ltd is in partnership with some of the best hospital all over Nigeria, so you are guaranteed of prompt healthcare for you, your family and employees  whenever the need arise, and at a pocket friendly budget.

Wrapping it up

When considering an HMO, the access to healthcare centers close to you cannot be overemphasized. This is because most HMO only has access to hospitals in a few states, while others have access to a hospital in virtually every start in Nigeria, not to mention internationally.  

You must also put into consideration the strength of their technology, we are in a technological age and, of course technology helps you achieve objectives with speed. naturally, when life is involved, every second counts.

Finally, your financial strength should also be considered, and your health background. If you can afford an HMO it will surely put you more at ease when unexpected illness strikes, because a large amount of cash is not available when you need it but with an HMO, you are covered.

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