10 Best Free Epub Reader Apps For Android In 2024

best epub readers for android

If you are an avid reader, then you should be well familiar with Epub. An electronic publication (epub) is a popular eBook file format supported by varied types of PCs, smart devices, e-readers, and tablets.

Over the years, the epub has been the most adopted e-book format easily replacing conventional printed books. One advantage over others is that this format is freely available for everyone who reads e-books a lot.

However, you need to decrypt your epub files if you want to read Adobe DRM-free epub books. Almost all e-book readers on Android support PDF, ePub, HTML, DOCX, and other formats, but popular apps like Wattpad and WPS do not support epub. Well, you don’t need to bother yourself; we have selected the best e-reader apps that support epub formats for your Android device and we hope you pick the best.

1. Google Play books

This is arguably the best epub reader app on every Android device. Compared to Amazon Kindle, you can create your library by uploading epub or pdf books from different sources giving access to millions of free eBook collections. In case you don’t want to enjoy alone; you can collaborate and share with groups or sync your notes to Google Drive.

It has an elegant 3D page-turning effect and also the TTS (text-to-speech) engine for books to be read aloud. This app supports only epub and pdf format and it is easy to use.

2. Moon+ reader

This is also one of the best apps that support awesome reading experience and a wide category of e-book formats. It comes with a complete function and powerful navigations, and in case you are hoping to add your online libraries to the epub reader; the online catalogs (OPDS) have full support on this.

For readers who prefer both day and night mode switcher and dual page mode for landscape, you should put Moon+ into bigger consideration. There are many formats you can get on this app; cbz, umd, Docx, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, webp, rar, zip, opds, pdf, DjVu, Mobi, CHM, and epub itself.

The customized features also enhance your reading with an adjustable swipe gesture; bookmark, real page-turning effects, font size, and screen click, all available for your convenience. In case you are mindful of losing your files, you can back up to the cloud via Dropbox. This app is simply easy and free to use with just a few ads.

3. Aldiko book reader

aldiko epub reader app

This app is a perfect e-reader for books in epub and PDF formats. It has been one of the oldest eBook readers on Android devices. Apart from the primary formats, it also supports Adobe DRM-encrypted books. You have the option to explore millions of books from varied catalogs.

All epub apps are consistent with having customized and optimal options, but this particular app added some extra features like the external dictionary and global text search. Aldiko book reader is a free and paid version.

4. Amazon Kindle

Google Play Books might be the best but the Kindle app is the most popular e-reader for Android devices and tablets. Designed by Amazon technology, it comes with an in-built dictionary for searching news words with an option to sync your last page, notes, and bookmarks on all devices.

For your reading pleasure, the Kindle app enables you to access Wikipedia and Google search. You can also select many genres of books, newspapers, or magazines on the app. The app is free but you need an Amazon account to buy eBooks.

5. ReadEra

Not all ebook reader allows you to organize your book into different categories or auto-detect your documents and books on your Android smartphone, but this app comprises features in which you can also group your books by series or authors.

The collections on this app are your favorites, have read, and to read (saved) while also showing the last time read. You can get the pdf, epub, doc, Docx, mobi, and txt formats with adjustable font type, boldness, line spacing, and size.

One amazing feature that comes with this easy-to-use epub reader is the multi-document mode which enables split-screen mode when reading different materials at the same time. You will surely enjoy this epub reader.

6. Cool reader

This is the only e-reader app that provides the text-to-speech (TTS) feature for free; meaning it has only the free version. Apart from this, you also get to enjoy an immersive customized interface, back-light, and background levels, and day and night mode with text formatting for different font sizes enhancing a good reading experience.

It supports various file and document formats (except PDF) with the provision of percentage read, chapter marks, and page count located at the top of the screen.

7. ebook

eboox epub reader app

Many people consider this app the most hilarious EPUB reading because of its awesome and comfortable UI design. You also can transfer your files or folders conveniently from your SD card, phone, browser, or the cloud service.

When you load large book files, it has a fast reaction, and even with the optimal settings, you can read comfortably in the night mode. Though it supports every format except the PDF format, rest assured that it also has the best and simplest interface curated with immersive customization.

8. Full reader

Some e-reader apps integrate rare and unpopular features in them; one of them is the fullreader. This app has MP3 for audiobooks and also comes with CBZ and CBR for comic books. The multi-functional epub reader is also designed with convenient control and a user-friendly interface that allows you to sort your book into a good structure category.

There is also a link with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive and you can export your notes into separate documents. It supports every file format with a free version that comes with ads.

9. FBR reader

Most epub reader apps have a free version that does not support PDF or HTML format, while this app falls in this category, you can also say that this app has an old UI compared to others.

But it has made this list because you can rarely find an app integrated with external dictionaries that are popular; examples are the LEO, Fora, Dictan, and ColorDict. It supports every local format except PDF and also has a screen brightness that can be nudged into a day and night color mode.

10. PocketBook reader

Free! Free!! Free with no ads!!! This is another e-book reader with an absolute and awesome interface that allows you to read with all convenience. This particular e-reader supports all e-book formats, comic books, OPDS, and the Adobe DRM, and it also comes with the TTS (text-to-speech) and audiobook features that make it one of the best.

Pocketbook has 4 reading modes; One page, two pages, manual scrolling, and automatic scrolling. In addition to the beautiful interface, it has a customized option like the background color, bookmark, font setting, highlighting, and many more.

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