The Top 10 Best Flying Type Pokemon 2020

the best flying type pokemon

If you play the Pokemon series, you will discover tons of Pokemon as you play. These creatures fall under various classes.  One of the exciting options is the flight type of Pokemon.

The flying type Pokemon reminds us of birds and insects. In addition to their flight capabilities to give you an edge when playing the game, they offer an incredible amount of speed. They even promise moves that cause excess damage to various groups of other Pokemon. 

If you want to experience a flying type Pokemon’s incredible features, you should play with the best members of this class. Now here are some of the top flying type Pokemon you can choose from.

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Top 10 Best Flying Type Pokemon

If you’re looking for a straight list of the best flying type pokemon to acquire and play with, these are the top 10 in no particular order.

1. Corviknight

This flying type Pokemon will remind you of a knight in medieval armor. In most parts of its body, it has armored plates. Apart from sporting this look, it has lots of features for battling against your rivals. 

For instance, the Corviknight has a good HP, defense, and special attack. But it has two weaknesses – fire and electric Pokemon. 

If you play Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can catch a ride on the Corviknight. After all, it is one of the ideal ways of traveling between two locations. 

2. Staraptor

Staraptor best flying type pokemon guide
Image: Bulbapedia

Staraptor is another top flying type Pokemon of the series. It has similar features to Staravia. However, this bird offers a puffy crest, red pupils, and a cool comb.

Also, this flying type Pokemon is an ideal ally for many reasons. For instance, it boasts of powerful claws and wings that can deal with smaller enemies. It also performs fearless attacks on larger Pokemon 

Staraptor has the right amount of HP, attack, and defense stats. However, it can suffer damage from electric and rock Pokemon.

3. Charizard

If you love dragons, this red – colored Pokemon will catch your attention. After all, Charizard has similar biology and even breathes fire. Interestingly, this fire and flying type pokemon come from the first generation of characters.

This creature evolved from Charmander and Charmeleon Pokemon. In the end, you have one of the top flying type Pokemon of the series.

The Charizard has tons of moves that promise victory for your team. It also offers impressive stats. However, this fire and flying type pokemon can lose to electric and rock characters.

4. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl flying type pokemon
Image: YouTube

The Aerodactyl is another Pokemon that deserves a spot on our list. Like most of the top flying type Pokemon, this creature has excellent features for turning the tide in battle. 

Stats are impressive on this prehistoric creature. If you want to offer severe damage, Aerodactyl has tons of move sets for this purpose. But you will have to watch out for rock, electric, ice, steel, and water attacks as they can weaken this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Players can find Aerodactyl in areas close to massive commercial buildings. If you don’t have such structures in your area,  you can get one at a quarry site, parkways or even a local highways

5. Skamory

Skamory is a steel and flying type pokemon that comes from the 2nd generation. 

Seen as one of the top flying type pokemon, it performs well against most opponents. If you want to get boosts for this character, you will need windy or stormy weather. 

Skamory suffers significant damage from fire and electric attacks. But still, it remains one of the best flight type Pokemon of the series.

Are you interested in capturing a Skamory on Pokemon Go? If yes, you can find them in several types of biomes. To get the best advice, click on the “Species” tab of your screen and see the locations where other Pokemon players found Skamory.  You can also get Skamory by hatching eggs.

6. Gliscor

best flying type pokemon gliscor
Image: Bulbapedia

Are you still looking for impressive flying type Pokemon, then you should add Gliscor to your list. This character evolves from the Gilgal and is depicted as a ground/flying pokemon.

Gliscor boasts of exciting stats and effective move sets. It is also seen as one of the most versatile flight type Pokemon of the series. However, it cannot withstand ice and water attacks.

7. Noivern

This bat-like Pokemon is a great asset to any player. Like most of the mentions on our list, Noivern features a selection of cool movesets. But it has a weakness for various Pokemon like ice, fairy, dragon, and rock.

8. Salamence

Salamence evolved from Bagon and Shelgon. Like most names on our list, it stands as one of the top best flying type Pokemon you can find. 

If you want to bring havoc to a gym raid, the Salamance ‘s Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor should top your list. After all, these moves bring the highest total DPS.

However, this dragon and flying Pokemon can suffer damage from dragon, ice, and rock opponents. It is also vulnerable to fairy attack.

9. Altaria

best flying type pokemon altaria
Image: Pokemon Go Hub

Apart from having a cute cloud, there are many reasons why you should add this dragon and flying type pokemon to your roster. For instance, Altaria boasts of effective movesets that drain the competition and offers an excellent defense.

This Pokemon evolves from Swablu and is famous for making beautiful sounds.

Fairy, dragon, ice, and rock Pokemon can cause great damage to Altaria. So if you battle against such opponents, remember to use Altaria with caution.

10. Togekiss

There is nothing intimidating about the look of this creature. It is also known seen as one of the friendliest characters in the series. However, it has skills that rank it among the best flying type Pokemon.

First, it has the highest chance of learning accurate moves. It is also resistant to damage from six types of Pokemon.

But electric, ice, rock, and steel Pokemon can defeat Togekiss. Besides, this flight type character is vulnerable to poison attacks.

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