How To Make The Archwing Launcher Segment in Warframe

How To Make The Archwing Launcher Segment in Warframe

The thing that most entices players towards Warframe is the amount of content this game has to offer. There is quite literally, hundreds of hours’ worth of content that you don’t even have to replay through.

The game is just absolutely jam-packed with quests to complete, daily challenges, resources to collect, items to unlock, and then to craft and weapons to master. There is no shortage of content here whatsoever, in fact, there is so much content that new players often get overwhelmed. Well, we’re here to help guide you through all things Warframe.

This article will solely focus on HOW you will acquire the Archwing Launcher Segment in Warframe. However, before we delve any deeper into the article; we need to understand what the Archwing Launcher itself is. So, let’s get right into it!

What is the Archwing Launcher Segment?

The Archwing Launcher Segment is a specific tool that lets you craft the Archwing Launchers.

These launchers can be used on landscape places such as Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift. These launchers can be used to navigate and traverse through these open maps and spaces much quicker and way more efficiently.

Once you activate this item, your character will equip the Archwing automatically. It’s not just a useful item, but also a fun item to use. You can even use it mid-air, however many times as you like; it has no limits to usage. 

This gear item is extremely useful when running around the landscapes while looking for resources to collect, which is an integral part of Warframe. Just like crafting any other thing in this game, you need to have certain resources to craft the Archwing Launcher Segment. Listed Below:

archwing launcher segment warframe

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment?

To build the Archwing Launcher, you must first head to the Foundry on your ship. Once you’re there, open up the Foundry menu and you can see the Archwing Launcher Segment in there. 

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

1. Iradite

Now, you need four important resources to build the Archwing Launcher Segment. The first resource is Iradite. This iconic red rock can be found on the Plains of Eidolon. Collecting 50 Iradite might take a few separate runs through the Plains of Eidolon though. 

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

While traversing this area is slow and tedious, finding this resource is much easier. You can just be running around the Landscape and can find this item multiple times. The multiple re-runs every day have to be done though, to acquire a solid 50 Iradite.

Just roam the landscape and look for the Iradite Formations, these will be quite easy to find and once you break them, you will get one Iradite per Formation. However, sometimes these rocks can be generous and provide you with 2 or even 3 Iradite.

This is a pro tip; but if you farm Iradite during a High-Level Bounty hunt, then you can get 3 Iradite from each Formation. It doesn’t matter if you fail the mission either, you will get the resource confirmed either way.

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

2. Grokdrul

The second most important resource is the Grokdrul. Now we’re not sure if Grokdrul is a liquid or a powder, or even a rock but what we do know is that this item comes inside of the Grokdrul drums.

This item can also be found in the Plains of Eidolon; however, it always has a mob around it so you need to pick them off while you’re hunting this particular item down.

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

It is essentially the same rules as the Iradite when it comes to faming this resource. However, the main difference is that no matter what mission you’re doing or if you’re just in free roam on the Plains of Eidolon, you’ll only get one Grokdrul per Grokdrul Drums.

You can get more than one Grokdrul though if you ever find the larger containers, those contain more than one and will give you usually two or three per container.

3. Fish Oil

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

Now, Fish Oil is a bit trickier to acquire. For this you need multiple things, the first thing is The Fishing Spear. You can get this from the Fisher Hai-Luk.

I suggest going with Lanzo Fishing Spear, and also buy a Luminous Dye; which will help you in spotting the fish out in the water once you throw it in. You go to your equipment and then go into the Arsenal menu, then you can equip the fishing spear in the gear wheel.

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

Head back to the Plains of Eidolon, and find this big lake. 

fish oil fishing river warframe

Once you reach this spot, drop the bait in and then you drop the dye in. The bait will make the fish come towards your location, and the dye will reveal the fishes. 

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

The bigger the fish you catch, the more fish oil you can pull out from inside of them. Once you’ve caught enough fish, you need to go back to the Fisherman Hai-Luk and press on the Cut Fish menu. 

Keep repeating until you have the required 30 fish oil. 

4. Circuits

The last resources that you require are the circuits. Circuits are an uncommon component and can be found in many different locations, or even randomly through doing missions.

The fact is that you might already have MORE than enough when you’ve gathered all of these resources by doing the missions. However, if you’re still unsure of where you will find them, keep doing the normal missions including story missions, void runs, and even daily missions, and open as many circuit containers as you can.

You’ll get all the circuits you want from within these!

What to Do When You Have All the Materials?

Well, once you’ve got all 50 Iradite, 50 Grokdrul, 30 Fish Oil and 600 Circuits; just head back to your Dojo. Now you must research the Archwing Launcher Segment on the Tenno Lab menu within your Dojo. 

A Dojo is a must requirement for this Segment, as you will only get the blueprints for the Archwing Launcher Segment from the Tenno Lab within the Dojo. You can either join a clan, or you can build a Dojo of your own. Head to the Tenno Lab and research the blueprints here.

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

After you’ve completely researched it, you can now head back to your Foundry. Once you’ve reached the Foundry, you’ll find that the Archwing Launcher Segment has been added to your Foundry and can now be crafted. You just have to click on the build option and build the Archwing Launcher Segment!

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

Keep in mind that building of this segment takes 12 hours. 

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

Now all you have to do is wait until completion, and collect the Archwing Launcher Segment. Once collected, you must go back to the Foundry and install the segment; it will give you an automatic indicator that the segment is in your inventory and that you must install it on the Foundry. 

Once installed, all you have to do now is go back into the Foundry, and build the Archwing Launcher itself!

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

Building this segment takes 30 minutes, you can rush it but it takes away credible resource and you shouldn’t ever waste resources in Warframe. Once the Archwing Launcher is built, all you have to do is equip it to your person and soar through the open landscapes of Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis or Cambion Drift! 

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment

That’s all the relevant information that you needed to know on how you can build the Archwing Launcher Segment and acquire the Archwing Launcher! If you liked this guide, make sure to check out the rest of our guides about Warframe and comment down below what other games you would like us to cover in the future.

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